WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Black Pearl Vape Juice by Swagg Sauce


Black Pearl Vape Juice 

Swagg Sauce Black Pearl Ejuice Flavor Review

Black Pearl Vape Juice by Swagg Sauce is the best way to start off your morning, take a hit of a scrumptious fruit cereal flavor soaked in a freshly poured bowl of milk. A variety of berries such as strawberries and blueberries will coat your mouth in complete fruity deliciousness and a dramatic final finale with a splash of creamy milk in every pull. 

The inhale of Black Pearl Vape Juice comes with a flavorsome combination of berries and a hint of milk that has that extra sweetness from the fruity cereal flavor. And on the out hale the mixture slowly leaves your mouth smothering you in the sweet sweet aroma of berries drenched in a foggy cloud of vapor.

If you’re searching for a creamy fruity cereal treat which provides layers of indulgent flavor, th
e impressive Black Pearl Vape Juice will become one of your favorites! What would the world be without cereal?

Flavor Profile: Milk, Cereal, Cream, Fruit, Berries

Available Sizes: 30ml, 60ml, 120ml, 180ml

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