Swagg Sauce Reserve

WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Swagg Sauce Reserve


Swagg Sauce Reserve

Introducing our new 60ML sleek line, Swagg Sauce Reserve! Each bottle will come in its own Swagg box with a nozzle and newly designed label including features of VG/PG Ratio and flavor description. Swagg Sauce Reserve is only available in 34 of our top flavors in 60ML.


Aqua Blast - Delicious blueberries, sweet strawberries, juicy watermelon and a hint of cool ice

Blue Raspberry Candy - Blue raspberry blended with hard candy

Carried Away- A sweet tropical flavor of pina colada infused with strawberries

California Dreaming - Sweet apple pie topped with a creamy vanilla bean ice cream and drizzled in a smooth caramel

Castle Black - Vanilla bean ice cream blended with banana custards and drizzled with a sweet peanut butter caramel

Cereal Ninja- A fruity cereal blended with crunch berry cereal

Cherry Candy - A fresh flavor of sweet cherry blended with hard candy

Cowboy Custard - Creamy vanilla custard blended with a smooth tobacco flavor

Evil Peach- Perfect combination of  juicy peach and sweet honey

G-Spot -Burst of grape, berries, key lime and a hint of lemon

Game Changer - Vanilla bean ice cream topped with strawberry watermelon

Ghost Story- Creamy Vanilla custard with a peanut butter graham cracker crust topped with sweet vanilla swirl and marshmallows

Grape Candy- A flavor blast of juicy grape blended with hard candy

Green Apple Candy- The perfect balance of sweetness and tartness like the classic hard candy

Green Vapple- Green apple hard candy with sweet strawberry

Juicenstein - Sweet honeydew twisted with cantaloupe and a hint of grape

Killa Banilla - A kick of banana blended with the infamous custard

Killa Custard - Creamy vanilla bean ice cream blended with Bavarian cream

Magic Sauce - Juicy watermelon twisted with sweet kiwi

Menthol - A cool icy fresh mint flavor

Milk and Loops - Fruit flavored breakfast cereal with hints of orange, cherry, and lemon with a creamy after note

Morphed - A delicious cinnamon toasted cereal blended with milk and cream

Shark Attack - Juicy watermelon blended with berries, fresh key lime, and a cool menthol effect

Strawberry Candy - A sweet strawberry blended with our classic hard candy

Strawberry Milkshake - Vanilla bean ice cream infused with sweet strawberries and topped with whipped cream. 

Stiffler’s Mom - Perfect rendition of strawberry short cake

Sweet Drops- A delicious fruity candy flavor with hints on lemon, lime, orange and cherry

The Devil's Fruit- Sweet strawberry with apple and peaches

The Jester - a fruity blend of strawberry, kiwi, juicy peach and apple

The Joker - Sweet strawberry bathed in 4 delicious cream

Thug Juice - White grape with watermelon and hint of menthol.

Watermelon Candy - Juicy watermelon blended with hard candy

Zeus Juice - A fruity flavor blast of pineapple twisted with grape, blueberry, and a splash of strawberry

Zombie Killa - Juicy peach, dragon fruit, strawberry, mango and a splash of pineapple

About our Company Swagg Sauce:

Each and every bottle ofvape juice is hand-crafted in our clean room facility in the USA, using only the finest quality food grade and pharmaceutical ingredients and quality manufacturing practices. Check out our selection of many different mouth-watering flavors. Each flavor is blended to perfection and tested to insure only the best vape juice is delivered to your doorstep. 

Our signature vape juice is considered as one of the best of all the premium brands available in the vape industry. Each bottle is hand-crafted in a state of the art clean room facility to ensure safety and quality. None of our flavors contain any artificial dyes or colors. 

We've had thousands of satisfied customers and have been mixing vape juice for years. 

We only use the finest ingredients vape juice. Swagg Sauce vape juice are signature flavors which can't be found anywhere else. We use a 100% MAX Vegetable Glycerin (VG) base for a great vape with a very smooth taste and huge clouds.  

Ingredients: Food Grade Propylene Glycol USP (PG) & Vegetable Glycerin USP (VG), Food grade artificial, natural flavors, Sweetener.

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