Strawberry milk - Captivape Creations - 30 ml


Reviewed Strawberry Milk By Captivape Creations


You get rich, sweet candied strawberries and extremely creamy and realistic milk. It's like sugared strawberries pureed into fresh cream. 

Perfectly crafted and served in child-safe glass bottles in a 70% VG blend.


  • 30ml Glass Bottles w/ Dripper
  • Pg/VG Ratio : 30 / 70

    Nicotine level : 1.5mg.3 mg , 6 mg

    Primary Flavors:  Strawberry, Cream, milk


     While everyone else was reaching for chocolate milk as a kid, you were the one going for the strawberry milk. Captive Creations Strawberry Milk e-liquid takes the sweet, candied flavor of ripe strawberries and dunks them into a base of rich and creamy milk. Captivape Creations Stawberry Milk ejuice is richer and creamier than any strawberry milk e-liquid we have ever tried, so grab a bottle and it for yourself. Shipping is free when you spend $25 or more!

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