Stifflers Mom Salt Nicotine 50mg Swagg Sauce Stifflers Mom Salt Nicotine 50mg

WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Stifflers Mom Salt Nicotine 50mg


Stifflers Mom Salt Nicotine 50mg 

Stiffler's Mom salt nicotine by Swagg Sauce is the flavor of sweet strawberry cheesecake blended with Bavarian cream and delicious vanilla bean ice cream. Or as we like to call it, strawberry shortcake. It's a delicious strawberry shortcake blend that is a sweet dessert vape that is perfect for dessert vape juice lovers.

On the inhale, Stiffler's Mom vape juice delivers a burst of juicy sweet strawberries that will refresh your taste buds while satisfying your sweet tooth.

While you exhale, smooth and sweet cream cheese filling encrusted with rich and buttery graham crackers provides you the genuine flavor of the best cheesecake flavor you tried.

If decadent strawberry dessert blends make your mouth-water, it’s time to experience Stiffler's Mom by Swagg Sauce. The blend of luscious strawberries with rich Bavarian creme cheesecake, Swagg Sauce's Stiffler's Mom is a true dessert vape classic treat that you've gotta try.

Flavor Profile: Cheesecake, Cream, Strawberry, Dessert