WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Sea Pods Compatible Pod - 5% Nicotine


Sea 100 brings you an incredible flavor line up fresh from the sea! If you are looking for the cleanest pod flavors available, look no further!


Mango:  Embrace the Essence of a goddess and imagine the tropical islands with Sea Mango pods. Sea Mango pods contain e-juice that permeates throughout your palate, delivering a fine rush of the honeyed, pulpy mango. It makes you feel like you're consuming the fruit itself since this is the closest you will get.

- Blueberry Menthol: It refers to fine, minty tastes, linked to the picky savor of the finest blueberry cultivation. The senses are covered with a revitalizing essence that overshadows the remnants of previous aromas in the palate. This product is a perfect addition to your full course meal to add the finest combination of fruity and menthol tastes to your senses. You should choose the best of this flavor if you want to wash that old taste from your mouth

Blueberry: This truly appetizing, flavorful e-juice delivers a fine, fragrant, fruity essence. It combines the potent but sweet flavors of popular blueberry in order to give your senses the right medium-bodied vapor experience. When all your needs and desires are searched at once, your senses will yearn for more when the juice is gone.

Raspberry: Raspberry, an underrated berry with every puff which intrigued your senses. The Sea Raspberry pods have an e-juice that is both sweet and mild on the palate. With the essence of raspberries in top of other saccharine flavors, after you finish blowing on, this blend will leave you thirsty. If you want the best vaping experience, don't browse any more!

Pineapple Lemonade: Have you ever had the luxury to try a pineapple and lemonade. What if we told you this concoction contains the best sugar, pineapple and water composition instead of only citrus fruits? You want to try this? You should, because this delicacy will fascinate your senses much as a brand new dessert would. Enter the best of your class Sea Pineapple Lemonade pods!

- Strawberry Menthol: The taste of Sea Strawberry Menthol depends on the finest balance between fruitiness and minty aromas. You should be there if you want to mix the mint rush and a beautiful, slender and tarty strawberry. The beautiful minty rush revitalizes your senses and coats them to your favorite fruitiness, making them appear to have never been consumed before. Just now, plunge into this goodness!

Strawberry:  This bubbly, delicious flavor has a juicy essence that perfectly suffuses the palate. This blend is designed to quench your desire and will give your senses a lasting impression. It offers a mild, fruity rush that is difficult to overshadow. Give your senses this impeccable strawberry essence to enter holiday modes!

Pink Lemonade: Is there any flavor on the planet that’s more refreshing than crisp, juicy Strawberry Lemonade? When you vape Sea Pods Pink Lemonade, you’ll be treated to this smooth, rejuvenating taste that soothes you on the hottest days of the year. You’ll taste the ripeness as the juice floods your mouth. The natural sweetness of this lemonade flavor lets you know that it’s the real deal.

Lush on Ice: refreshing take of a chilled bowl with frozen watermelon.

- Mint: Revitalize your dormant senses using Sea Mint pods, optimized exclusively to condense the finest freshness flavor. These pods contain fine, delicious e-juices which never overpower the senses and are always light on the palate. This complements your entire course meal perfectly as it restores your senses so that they fully embody the food flavor you are suitable for eating.


Up to 300 puffs per cartridge.

 Pre-filled with 1.0mL of e-Liquid.

Available in 5% nicotine concentrations.

Uses natural nicotine salts for better results.

Each pod cartridge is equivalent to 1 pack of cigarettes.

Package Contains

  • 4 Pack replacement pods