60ml Naked Unicorn by Naked 100 E-Liquid - Creamy Base | Juicy Dip

WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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Strawberry / Naked Unicorn by Naked 100 Cream E-Liquid 60ml


Strawberry / Naked Unicorn by Naked 100 Cream E-Liquid 60ml

Naked 100 Naked Unicorn Review

Definition of pleasure differs from person to person. Some of us might require it to be immense and deep like the oxygen around us. Unicorn by Naked 100 e-liquids is one of a kind. Simply put, it retains several aspects that make it one of the most liked e-liquid among Naked 100 vape juice.


Specs & Features


  • Flavor – Strawberry Cream.
  • 60ML.
  • Bottle with a dropper.
  • 70% VG.
  • 30% PG.
  • Huge cloud production.
  • Subtle yet sensational taste.
  • Creamy Base with a juicy dip.
  • Made in the USA.




Unicorn is one of the Naked 100 e-liquids that are poised and brilliant in terms of taste and performance. Focused to be the most congenial with the user minds. Purity is conspicuous just by drawing the first puff. This American made vape juice assures the purity just like any of the American products.


Devouring a plumpy little strawberry is divine. When it is added with cream the sweet and sourness blends with smoothness and delivers the luxurious and delicious taste. Alluring effect of this e-liquid will keep your taste-buds and nostrils amazed with its crowd-pleasing sensation.


Unicorn by Naked 100 vape juice tends to astonish the vaper with the intrigue flavor and clouds. Each vaper might consider distinct needs in terms of clouds and flavors. The recipe of the Unicorn is derived and manufactured in the high-quality facility.


Who should choose to vape with Unicorn Naked 100 E-liquids?


Cloud Chasers:A cloud chaser would get attracted with three things on priority. Firstly, the amount of cloud the vape juice produces. Secondly, the smoothness of the throat hit. Finally, the subtle flavor intensity that won’t become boring on everyday usage. Naked 100 vape juice has got this all covered.


  • Huge cloud production with 70% mix of Vegetable Glycerine.
  • Smoothest throat hit when compared with the similar range of e-liquids.
  • Subtle yet lovable taste derived focusing on becoming an all-day-vape.


Not only that, in contrast to many of the high VG liquids, Unicorn by Naked 100 e-liquids can be filled in most of the 2ml vape tanks. To be precise, filling through the medium-sized portholes will never be a problem anymore. Even with a higher VG mix, Unicorn e-liquid is the best choice for medium-sized vape tanks and sub tanks.


Flavor Lovers:Flavor lovers are known to be the most sophisticated minds who want varied flavors and feel. A flavor lover would concentrate on each and every detail that a draw offers. The best e-liquid tends to sync with the vaper’s (flavor lover) desires in terms of taste and feels. Furthermore, the e-liquid should be an all-day-vape.


It is not that a flavor lover will be having only one flavor in his shelf, but depending on the mood he might want to enjoy a particular flavor throughout the day. Hence, it becomes necessary for an e-liquid to possess the taste that won’t be boring even after so many puffs in a day.


  • Unicorn by Naked 100 e-liquids is primarily focused on superior quality in its ingredients and packing material.
  • The creamy base is thoroughly blended that ensures nobody will ever get bored.
  • While you take a puff, the vaper gets to experience the taste of the strawberry slightly.
  • Further, while inhales one can get to experience a slightly intense flavor.
  • While exhales it fills the mind with the mix of creamy and juicy strawberry flavor.
  • While the high VG mix produces enormous clouds, one can explore the heaven with this e-liquid.
  • 30% PG delivers the most authentic and sensational feel with a smooth throat hit.


Additionally, the 70-30 mix tends to be convenient to use on most small vape devices. Spills are impossible with the dropper comes with the bottle. Fill your vape tank on the go using the dropper. Let your subconscious mind sing with the robust flavor and dense vapor clouds.


Nicotine Levels


Unicorn by Naked 100 e-liquids offers the nicotine levels that prove to be the optimal level for all to gradually get rid of nicotine craving.


The highest level is 12mg, this is the average nicotine level of traditional cigarettes. While somebody is trying to quit smoking by switching to vaping, 12mg can remain the ideal choice to handle the nicotine craving. Gradually, one should focus more on a satisfying vape that depends on the flavors and warm clouds.


The subsequent level is 6mg, this is the medium nicotine level where one can control the nicotine craving with some additional vape sessions.


After controlling the number of vapes per day with 6mg, one should select the following level which is 3mg. By the time a vaper feels okay with this level, the 0mg level can be considered to completely get rid of nicotine.


Naked 100


Not all vape juice cause the desired level of sensation and taste. Most of the top-rated vape juices tend to have the right mix of taste and sensation. But also, those e-liquids tend to become boring after a while. Hence, those cannot be employed as an all-day vape juice. Naked 100 Vape juice varieties stand out of the competition with its perfectly balanced offering.


Naked 100 manufactures its vape juices in the land of the United States. Quality of the ingredients of Naked 100 e-liquid tends to be of top-notch. Likewise, the vape juices are packed in a food-grade bottle that maintains the quality of the vape juice contained from external temperature. Since all the ingredients are extracted and stored in an optimal condition, It is perfectly safe to inhale the vape juices from Naked 100.


Above all, Naked 100 as a brand is known for its versatility and the optimum combinations of flavors. Especially, the juice vs a cream mix of naked 100 e-liquid tends to be perfect. Increasingly, more people opt for some particular variety of vape juice from Naked 100.


Naked 100 is not merely focusing on the quality and taste, but also help vapers to quit nicotine with its ideal nicotine levels. When somebody wants to get rid of nicotine craving, it is possible with Naked 100 vape juice varieties. All it seizes is some time to manage and gradually reduce the nicotine mix.


All the best. Happy Vaping!!!

Flavor Profile: Strawberry, Cream

Bottle Size: 60ml

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