WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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Muffin Man by One Hit Wonder delivers an astonishing flavor profile that includes decadent cinnamon, juicy apple, topped off with a delicious muffin taste . swagg sauce has been obsessed with this premium e juice flavor since the launch of the original 180ML and we are stoked to have the brand new 100ML bottle size here on shelves!

If you have had trouble looking for an e juice that has a consistent flavor, you are not alone. Many e juices you will find lack the ability to keep a consistent flavor. Luckily for you, Muffin Man by One Hit Wonder provides a long lasting flavor that you will never get tired of.

The Muffin Man inhale consists of the cinnamon and apple side of the flavor profile. The apple sensation swoops in onto the taste buds and slowly transforms into a delectable cinnamon experience. 

Upon exhaling is when the fresh baked muffin flavor comes into play and blends together perfectly with the cinnamon apple inhale. Just reading this inhale/exhale experience is making my mouth water right now.

There is nothing quite like the amount of love from consumers that this e juice rolls in. With thousands of positive reviews since its release, Muffin Man is hands down one of the most popular e juice around.

The throat hit is smooth and almost nonexistent. Remember the times where you would take a huge vape hit only to find out that your throat is burning and charring? Those times no longer exist. The mixologists over at One Hit Wonder E-Liquid have not only perfected this flavor profile but they have also perfected this throat hit!

Muffin Man is manufactured and produced by the juggernaut themselves, One Hit Wonder. 

This well known manufacturer is at the top of the food chain due to its heavily demanded original flavor line that includes Muffin Man.

Since bursting onto the scene in 2015 with their very first flavor, Muffin Man, One Hit Wonder has been on a mission to provide e juice to consumers globally. With top of the line ingredients at the lowest price possible, One Hit Wonder has quickly made their way to the top of the industry.

Lucky for you, you can buy Muffin Man by One Hit Wonder right here at swagg sauce! It gets even better! Muffin Man is also offered at the lowest price you will find anywhere in the United States!

This tasty e juice is known all over the industry and can be found in any online vape shop or basically anywhere else they sell e juice.

The 100ML bottle is a plastic chubby gorilla bottle with both a flow restrictor and leak-resistant cap.

The amount of orders that Muffin Man pulls in does not go unnoticed. The popularity of the e juice has got the attention of everyone and is being sold everywhere.

Just hearing the flavor profile alone is enough to get you interested in throwing some in your tank. Also, it doesn’t hurt that it has an incredibly long flavor life. Meaning you will never get tired of blowing huge clouds! 

Don’t forget about the insanely smooth and soothing throat hits that you're provided with. The second to none throat hit amplifies the already spectacular flavor profile.

There are companies out there that try to sell their product at a ridiculously unfair price that frankly lose business because of it. One Hit Wonder is the complete opposite. They offer their top notch product at an insanely low price.

One Hit Wonder has a wide variety of different flavor profiles for you to choose from. Muffin Man is one of their top sellers along with other loved e juices such as Rocket Man, My Man, and The Man.  One Hit Wonder also offers e juice with a menthol splash.

swagg sauce carries Muffin Man by One Hit Wonder in a 100ML bottle size as well as a 180ML bottle size with nicotine strengths of 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG. Grab a bottle of this fresh baked cinnamon apple muffin flavored e liquid today!

  • Flavor Profile: Cinnamon Apple Muffin
  • VG/PG: 80/20
  • Nicotine Level: 0MG, 3MG, 6MG
  • Bottle Size: 100ML