WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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An absolutely dreamy blend of crisp, refreshing honeydew melon chunks and light vanilla cream. Mama Melon's creamy flavor profile is unbelievably smooth and thirst-quenching. This flavor combines the taste of melons and cream to bring you the best that fruit has to offer.

Mama Melon by Mamasan

Do you really believe you can achieve the best satisfying vape session using only a great vape gear? I doubt it. Simply because, the nicotine, flavors, and vapors are the end result of vaping. Having said that, one cannot achieve the satisfying vape session without a great vape juice. Managing and upgrading the vape gear can help you achieve it efficiently. However, only the best e-liquid can ensure it happens.

Mama Melon is indeed a unique offering from the range of vape liquids launched by Mamasan. It offers the much-loved flavor and mind-blowing vapor production in a cost-efficient manner.

Let's see how this flavor contributes to ensuring a great vaping session.

Flavor & Taste

Precisely, the flavor is mixed with Chinese Hami melon and honeydew melon. The taste and sensation get elevated by the vanilla cream. It really can't be so much fun without the vanilla taste and aroma. The melon taste mixed with the honey taste reminds the classic lunchtimes in the palm shore.

Be it a hot summer day or a breezy and cold winter day, Mama Melon can make you feel so happy with its delicious taste and sensation. On top, the tastes are authentic and are derived from the fresh and ripe melons. The honeydew sensation can be felt subtly under the primary melon taste. The smell of the vanilla cream can be felt in each and every inhale and exhale.

Vapor production

Enjoy the huge cloud production in each puff. The vape session can become fun and enjoyable with the vape juice's ability to produce pure vapors in a large amount. If you are a cloud chaser, then you will never look for another vape juice in your lifetime. The purity and density of the clouds make this a great option for cloud chasers and sub-ohm vapers.

Though the heat production is higher in sub-ohm tanks, Mama Melon can offer more vaping hours due to the thickness. At a similar moment, it offers you the smoothest possible throat hits due to the higher VG mix. Smooth throat hits and huge cloud production paired with delicious taste makes this an outstanding e-liquid among the competitors.

Nicotine Levels

The maximum nicotine level you can choose in this vape juice is 6mg. The next is 3mg and it is available without nicotine also. It really a good thing to choose lower nicotine levels as it can help you reduce the nicotine craving and help you quit nicotine in the long-term.


The manufacturing unit of Mamasan is located in the United States of America. It boasts a hygienic ambiance that ensures the quality of the e-liquid. On top, the ingredients that are used to manufacture this vape liquid is of the highest quality. Thus, the highest quality is achieved.


If you are a person who is looking for the best-rated vape juice then this a good choice for you. Similarly, if your requirement is unmatched flavor and quality, then you should opt for Mama Melon by Mamasan.

The cloud production can satisfy even a hardcore cloud chaser. Similarly, the flavor production is pretty decent with 30% PG mix. Overall, this is a superior choice for people looking for the best e-liquid.

Bottle Sizes:  100ml.

Bottle Type:  Plastic Dripper Bottle with Child-Resistant Cap