Lychee Luau by Tropic King E-Liquid 100ML Swagg Sauce Lychee Luau by Tropic King E-Liquid 100ML

WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Lychee Luau by Tropic King E-Liquid 100ML


Lychee Luau by Tropic King E-Liquid 100ML

It's a Hawaiian party in your vape tank, complete with colorful leis, soft grass skirts, and musical ukuleles! Your taste buds won't ever want to leave this luau, and with deliciously good reason! Lychees are the first and foremost flavor in this e-liquid, delivering a sweet and refreshing fruit flavor that lovers of lychee will deeply appreciate. The smooth and delicious flavor of freshly sliced lychees is prevalent in every cloud, perfect for fruit fanatics everywhere. But while lychee is the most predominant flavor in this e-liquid, it isn't the only one. Smooth and grainy pears also make an appearance, delivering a sweet and calming taste of rich and juicy pear slices.

The sweetness of the pear juice and the grainy flavor of the pear skin is delicately present in both the exhale and inhale. And finally, we have the beloved Georgia peach, adding a warm and sunny sweetness to every cloud. These soft and fuzzy peaches tickle your taste buds with delicious sweetness and present a masterful flavor that will have your taste buds partying all night long! Enjoy a delightful vacation to the tropical islands where premium e-liquid is king! For fresh peaches, sweet pears, and exotic lychees, you know to stock up on Lychee Luau eJuice by Tropic King! 



VG/PG: 70/30

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