WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Lemon Granola Bar by Yogi E Liquids is a wonderful treat that combines the two extraordinary flavors of citrusy lemon that will make your lips pucker, along with the pleasant taste of a crunchy granola bar. Each of these flavors were specifically picked to deliver an excellent start to finish experience.

If you are a fan of unique combinations then this is something that you are going to want to try very soon. You can have this product by your side day and night, and never have to worry about whether or not you will be pleased with the result of your experience.

The inhale that you will experience is an immediate surge of deliciousness as the citrus aspects of a classic lemon flavor take your taste buds by storm. There truly is nothing like a well done citrus flavor when it comes to vape juice.


Just as your taste buds get comfortable with this great flavor, a classic and savory granola bar flavor comes to the rescue on the exhale to create an experience that you might never forget! This inhale and exhale is quite the combination. Hope you’re ready for it!


If you are curious to know what the rest of the vaping community feels about this, let me save you some time. Thousands of online reviews have been written from all around the world, raving about this tasty treat. It is safe to say it is highly recommended by the community.


Each product coming from Yogi E Liquids has a delightfully smooth and soft throat hit, and nothing has changed here with Lemon Granola Bar There is no burning or charring sensation whatsoever, allowing you to enjoy all the incredible flavors that this has to offer you. This is great for everyone, as it allows you to chuck some seriously fat clouds without worrying about coughing up a lung!


Lemon Granola Bar is just one of many brilliant granola bar e juice concotions created in the labs of none other than the granola gods themselves, Yogi E Liquid.


Yogi E Liquids is quickly becoming a household name when it comes to great e juice brands. They have without a doubt mastered the art of creating granola bar flavors, as they have provided us with plenty of variations of it that are absolutely amazing!  If you haven’t tried one of their products, what are you waiting for?!


It is the year 2020 and many vape consumers are making the switch from e liquid to nicotine salts. Yogi has created a magnificent collection of salt nics that include their most popular flavors. You have the option to choose from 35MG and 50MG nicotine levels, so you can be sure to expect a quick head rush with every puff.


Making the decision to vape a nicotine salt out of a traditional mod is not going to go well for you. Since traditional mods come equipped with such a high wattage, it is just a matter of time before something goes wrong. So take the safe route and grab a small vape pod for whenever you use nicotine salts.


Lemon Granola Bar is just a small piece of a heavily stacked collection of vape juice. Once you are ready to move on to your next flavor you might be interested in trying their Original Granola Bar, creamy Peanut Butter Granola Bar, or maybe the fruity Blueberry Granola Bar.

  • Flavor Profile: Lemon, Granola Bar
  • VG/PG: 70/30
  • Nicotine Level: 0MG, 3MG, 6MG
  • Bottle Size: 60ML