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Kookie Krunch by Air Factory 100ml


Kookie Krunch by Air Factory 100ml

Air Factory Kookie Krunch Vape Juice Review

Craving for the taste of sugar cookies? Kookie Krunch by Air Factory would be the best choice for you! If you’re looking for just a straight sugar cookie taste Air Factory provides nothing but that delish crisp cookie flavor with a nice scent and aftertaste during the hit.

Vaping on Kookie Krunch is just like inhaling that nice fresh batch of cookies when opening the oven, it just takes over all your senses for a split second. On that initial just take a second to indulge yourself in the amazing sensation of sugar cookie with the nice sweet sugary taste just washing over your tongue, and on the exhale you’ll just have that feeling of wanting a glass of cold milk to go with your juice due to the scrumptious aftertaste that it leave behind.

Kookie Krunch by Air Factory is the perfect vape juice to go for when looking for a cookie based flavor without the creamy addition from milk. It’s strictly cookie and will leave you craving for more guilt free.

Flavor Profile: Cookie, Snack

Bottle Size: 100ml

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