JUST Mango Disposable Pod Device | $3.95

WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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JUST Mango Disposable Pod Device


JUST Mango Disposable Pod Device


JUST Mango disposable PODS makes some sensational fruit-flavored juices that are really going to take your taste buds for a ride. They bring a quality about that will make you impressed the very first inhale that you take and have you salivating to try everything in their lineup. The Sweet Mango Disposable Pod Device offers 400 puffs, has a capacity of 1.2ml of juice, a 50mg nicotine strength and contains the flavor Sweet Mango which takes one of everyone's favorite tropical fruits and brings it to life.


A 400 puff disposable pen from JUST Mango.
Capacity: 1.2 ML Saltnic Liquid Per ultra Max device
Nic Level: 50 MG
Battery: 240 mAh


Pineapple Guava
Fresh pineapple with a hint of guava

Sweet Mango
A succulent mango

Orange Kiwi
Orange with a splash of kiwi

Strawberry Coconut
Strawberry with a coconut twist

Sweet Peach
Delicious and juicy peach

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