WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Strawberry by Jam Monster 100ml

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Strawberry by Jam Monster 100ml

Jam Monster Strawberry Vape Juice Review

Strawberry by Jam Monster is a common breakfast classic when you need a quick grab and go snack in the morning and is definitely the same for vape juice. It gives you that pleasant taste of a fresh batch of strawberries mashed into an impeccable jar of mouth watering strawberry jam. It's an ejuice that is packed with nothing but bold lush flavor and will soothe any cravings for a quick snack.

On the inhale, you'll get a thick cloud of sweet succulent strawberry jam layered on your tongue coating and covering every taste bud on your tongue with a crisp taste of melted butter on a fresh piece of toast that popped straight from the toaster on the exhale. Making it one tasty fruity crunchy delight all gathered in one hit.

Strawberry by Jam Monster is one of the top choices to pick throughout their selection of flavors. Especially if your a fan of breakfast classics along with being a butter lover. If you're big on strawberry and haven't found a strawberry flavor that's packed with flavor this juice will be perfect for you including that creamy buttered kick.

Flavor Profile: Strawberry, Jam, Toast, Butter

Bottle Size: 100ml

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