Hawaiian Kick Vape Juice By Swagg Sauce 100ML Hawaiian Kick Vape Juice By Swagg Sauce 100ML

WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Hawaiian Kick Vape Juice By Swagg Sauce 100ML


Hawaiian Kick Vape Juice By Swagg Sauce provides an escape to a tropical island with this delicious tropical fruit flavor blend of fresh strawberries, exotic coconut, and golden pineapple to intoxicate the senses and seduce the taste buds. 

Hawaiian Kick is a fruity and tropical blend that will ignite your taste buds from the first puff. This delectable blend fuses succulent strawberries, creamy coconuts, and tangy pineapples to make the ultimate fruit smoothie flavor. This exotic island combination will have you teleport to a perfect day on the beach, not literally, but it sure will make you feel like you were!

On the inhale of Hawaiian Kick Vape Juice By Swagg Sauce, an exotic rush of those fresh strawberries and coconuts that dance across your taste buds with its savory flavor. Rushing over next is that tangy pineapple flavor to seal the deal. Your taste buds will be smothered with its intense flavor with each puff leaving you craving for more. This tropical paradise isn't over yet though, on the exhale a sweet cream flavor fuses with all the flavors providing you with that authentic smoothie flavor. This is the ultimate flavor treat for all to enjoy making it perfect for an all-day-vape.


Primary Flavors:  Strawberry, Coconut, Pineapple

Bottle Sizes: 100ml

Nicotine Strengths: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg

VG/PG: 70%VG / 30%PG

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