WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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Made to order combining graham crackers splashed with creamy milk is going to send pleasure signals to your sweet tooth instantly. The Mamasan ejuice is the ultimate dessert flavor for those who crave decadent and layered sweet treats.

Golden Slam by Mamasan

Vapers tend to keep changing the vape setups and better the vape gear in order to achieve the most satisfying vape session. However, vape juice is another important aspect plays a vital role in vaping.


E-liquids decides the intensity of the relaxation and enjoyment of a vape session. It really doesn’t matter if you have very little or no urge for nicotine. But when it comes to vape, you need a great e-liquid that can deliver the warmth, smoothness, taste, sensation, and vapors to enjoy the vaping.


Having said that, it is clearly visible that the Golden slam by Mamasan has got everything in it to be the best vape liquid in the market. In point of fact, this vape juice has got a lot of positive ratings and reviews from users and bloggers.


Golden slam is packed with mind-staggering quality and taste. Let’s dig in deep to understand more about the flavor and performance of the e-liquid.


What’s in the Flavor?


You get to enjoy one of the most tasted and enjoyed dishes in the tradition of the United States through this best tasty vape liquid. Graham crackers with nourishing milk are one of the favorites for many of us. However, it is altogether diverse and enjoyable when you taste and feel the same in an e-liquid.


Golden slam by Mamasan performs an excellent job by mimicking the taste and sensation of the graham crackers and milk. Equally, it offers the smoothest throat hits and huge cloud production. Conspicuously, the quality of the ingredients can be felt while inhaling.


Who should choose Golden Slam by Mamasan?


Are you a serious vaper? If not then you will become one after trying this vape juice. If you are a vintage vaper, then you will just enjoy more, and more likely might replace your all-day vape juice with this one. Golden slam is designed and manufactured to tempt people who are expecting the quality over quantity.


However, the price point is way cheaper than many of the top-rated vape liquids in the market. If you are looking for efficient, cheap, consistent, and tasty vape juice, then you can’t afford to miss Golden slam by Mamasan.


Vapor Production


Golden slam by Mamasan can offer you the purest vapors. Each vape session can become better and better while you push the limits of your vape setup. The performance of the vape juice can be scaled up just by elevating the power of your tank, coil, and vape mod.


Since the density of the vapor is relatively high, you can enjoy huge cloud production. At one and the same time, you should utilize the best drip tip to ensure comfort while exploring mouth to lung vaping.




Golden slam by Mamasan is manufactured and packed in their hygienic laboratory located in the USA. Though the quality is never undermined, the price point is comparably lower than the top vape liquids in the market.


The flavor and cloud production is appreciably better. Likewise, the quality and performance of the vape juice provide the value to money.


A superior choice for people who love to enjoy the clouds along with their preferred graham crackers with milk.


Primary Flavors:  Golden graham cracker mixed with delicious milk!

PG/VG Ratio:  30% PG / 70% VG

Bottle Sizes:  100ml

Bottle Type:  Plastic Dripper Bottle with Child-Resistant Cap