WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Face Changer Disposable Pod Device


Face Changer Disposable Pod Device

FACE CHANGER Disposable Device will instantly tingle your taste buds. FACE CHANGER Disposable Pod flavors will have you coming back for more and more with every inhale and exhale you take.

FACE CHANGER flavors are incredibly sweet and spot on flavor that you won't be able to find anywhere else,

FACE CHANGER Disposable Device is a whole new method for former smokers to get pleasure from a perfect amount of nicotine without any hassles. 

FACE CHANGER Disposable Device featuring 1.3ml juice pre-filled juice capacity with 5% nicotine. Each device contains approximately 400 puffs. When the juice runs out, just throw out this device and grab a new one. In other words, NO need to perform any maintenance on the unit whatsoever.

Face Changer Disposable pod is a brand new era of vaping for anyone and everyone. This device fits perfectly into your life, hand, and pocket, you will be sure to obsess over this product for years to come. you won't have to worry about changing batteries anymore when you are on the go.

 Product Specifications:

  • All in One Device
  • 1.3ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • 50mg Nicotine Strength
  • Non-Refillable- Fully Disposable
  • Draw Activated System
  • Up to 400 Puffs per Life Cycle


Flavor Profiles : 

Blue Raspberry  : is one of our absolute favorites, tested by our experienced team members at Swagg sauce, we pick this flavor because we know that you will have your taste buds running back for more and more of this sweet blueberry raspberry fruity tarty taste mix that you love. As you inhale Face Changer blue raspberry Disposable Blueberry the taste of tarty blueberries floods your taste buds sending you into a pure cloud nine from its pure spot on flavor.

Blueberry Ice:Treat your taste buds to a tasty and refreshing flavor when vaping our famous sweet blueberries dripping with chilly menthol, this Blueberry Ice flavor will taste exactly like the real thing! When you think the flavor could not get any better your exhale will be filled with a refreshing menthol flavor that will perfectly tie this marvelous ejuice together giving you a ultra satisfying vaping experience. 

Banana Ice : a delectable all-day vape that delivers that famous banana taste with a hint of icy menthol in an easy to use disposable. Delight in the sweetness of fruity banana on the inhale and icy cool mint on the exhale, a combination that will have you clambering for more. Without being overpowered, this Banana Ice flavor brings a sweet and rich taste of the classy and icy banana shake that’s totally worth it to savor. With all the fixings of a full-fledged milkshake, you’ll be amazed at how clearly the fruit still presents itself. What's cooler then being cool? Ice cold banana!Take a cool sip of delicious flavor and enjoy up to 400 puffs per device with a 50mg nicotine strength that's both satisfying and fulfilling. 

Peach Ice : With every puff you take from FACE CHANGER Disposable Device  peach Ice you will be sure to become addicted to this delicious vape juice.  As you inhale the taste of sweet peaches washes across your tongue and sends you into pure bliss with its spot on not too sweet taste, but just right. This flavor will have your taste buds begging for more with every second of the day because of its amazing spot on the peach flavor provides. On the exhale the flavor of chilling menthol starts to mix with the peaches creating a whole brand new flavor experience to your taste buds.

Lush Ice : Enjoy juicy watermelons with a cool twist with FACE CHANGER Disposable Device Lush Ice, This flavor of juicy watermelons mixed with a refreshing chilly menthol that will drive your taste buds crazy. This vape juice is perfect for an on the go vape with delicious taste,  as you inhale fresh watermelon taste mixed with just the right amount of menthol that you will be head over heels in love with , the juicy sweet watermelon will rush your taste buds leaving them in pure flavor heaven. On the exhale you taste the refreshing menthol mix with the notes of watermelon leaving you running back for more. This vape juice will be sure to please your every flavor need with its one of a kind salt nicotine that you will love. From just the first inhale Lush Ice will be sure to heave you hooked on it for life, you'll never be able to put it down. 

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