WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Devil's Fruit by Swagg Sauce


Devil's Fruit Vape Juice

Swagg Sauce Devil's Fruit Ejuice Review

Devil's Fruit vape juice by Swagg Sauce is the fruity flavor blast of sweet apple, strawberry and juicy peach.

The flavor combination in Devil's Fruit provides tasty sweet apples with hints of strawberries and succulent peaches.

Nothing hits the spot like a blend of sweet apples, ripe strawberries and succulent Georgia peaches. Devil's Fruit vape juice is an exhilarating combination of these three fruits. You’ll be blown away by how refreshing this vape juice blend is.

On the inhale, Devil's Fruit vape juice soaks the palate in fruity apple flavor and hints of strawberry. Then, succulent peaches flood the mouth, exciting the taste buds with it's tang and sweetness. When you exhale, the peach and strawberries flavors dance together.

Devil's Fruit vape juice delivers serious satisfaction to anyone who craves a sinful fruity vape juice blend.

Flavor Profile: Apple, Strawberry, Peach

Available Bottle Size: 30ml, 60ml, 120ml, 180ml

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