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Cereal by Milk King E-Liquid 100ML

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Cereal by Milk King E-Liquid 100ML

No, you're not in some deep dream, this blend is real. Creating a unique flavor that makes you wonder just how that they were able to think of something that's so far out, creative and fun, you are going to most definitely going to want this juice into your routine for a little bit of extra playfulness. When you taste this blend for the first time you are going to feel a little bit puzzled, you definitely know the flavor but you just can't seem to be able to put your finger on it. Upon closer inspection it hits you, this is cereal milk! The best part of any bowl of cereal is slurping up the leftover milk that sits on the bottom of the bowl. It's packed with sweet flavor that gives you so much refreshment that you wish that you could get it on its own. Since the creation of this juice, that dream of yours is now a reality and you don't have to stuff yourself with cereal to be able to get that same taste that drives your taste buds wild. When was the last time that you dug into a bowl of sugary cereal? If it wasn't too long ago, you can probably remember how much of a mess it made when you went to drink all of that sweet sugary nectar out of the bottom. Forget about the mess and inconvenience, the flavor Cereal is here and it's going to be a life changer. Milk King E Liquid is the newest line that was developed by the wonderful team over at Candy King E Liquid. They create juices that are inspired by all of those different smooth luxurious milk flavors that we all have a soft spot for and they do it with a level of authenticity that will leave you beyond impressed. 



VG/PG: 70/30

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