Blueberry Cereal - Captivape Creations - 120 ml Blueberry Cereal - Captivape Creations - 120 ml

WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Blueberry Cereal - Captivape Creations - 120Ml


Captivape Creations - Blueberry Cereal- 120ML- 6mg ONLY!!!!!

What’s the best part of eating a cereal with those tasty little freeze-dried blueberries? We think it’s drinking the delicious blue milk at the bottom of the bowl. Blueberry Cereal by Captivape Creations captures that flavor perfectly and sprinkles a bit of toasty whole grain goodness on the top

Captivape Creations Blueberry Cereal has flakes that are frosted of wholegrain cereal, a handful of vibrant delicious blueberries, and finished off with a splash of whole milk.

Perfectly crafted and served in child safe glass bottles in a 70% VG blend.

Size : 120ML

Nicotine level : 6mg ONLY!!!!!


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