Without a doubt Yogi E Liquids makes the best granola flavored e juice in the industry. They have mastered the granola bar flavor profile creating a unique, spot on, and genuine flavor experience that any vape enthusiast will love. All of their granola bar renditions have gained tons of popularity and are moving off our shelves quickly. 

Yogi E Liquids do a lot in order to maintain their production of high quality vape juice. They only use 100% Kosher Nicotine, which is the top of the line and best type of nicotine on the market. They also craft their vape liquids in an IOS7-Certified lab.

You can really taste their superior quality in every hit. Blueberry Granola Bar is a prime example of their e juice excellence. The flavor profile consists of an oats, nuts, and granola mix with infused blueberry notions. One taste of this premium e liquid and your palate will be right out there in the trails!

Blueberry Granola Bar has an inhale and exhale that is full of flavor that provides the vaper with non-stop action that continuously intensifies.

On the inhale you will taste a mixture of oats, nuts, and granola. As the vapor sits on your taste pallet you will notice the blueberry notes come into play. 

The exhale is graced with light honey flavoring that produces a strong lip-licking aftertaste. The granola mix falls to a complemented undertone to the honey and blueberry based exhale. Soon enough, your mouth will be drooling just begging for more.

A throat hit is a term used to describe the feeling of the exhale. Rough throat hits are very unpleasant, some vapers prefer a rougher throat hit, and usually cause coughing. A smooth throat hit allows for larger hits which means more flavor and clouds.

Blueberry Granola Bar by Yogi E Liquids has a great throat hit that goes down smooth from start to finish. It is not harsh, overbearing, or unpleasant in any way. Every hit is full of luscious vapor that gives no charring or tickling sensation on the back of your throat. 

This vape juice was masterfully crafted with a Max VG ratio making it perfect for dripping. We made sure to test Blueberry Granola Bar out of both a tank and dripper RDA and it performed outstandingly well out of both devices. Both RDA and tank created a hit that had strong flavor and decent cloud production. To top off the delicious flavoring,

Blueberry Granola Bar by Yogi E Liquids 60ML comes in unique packaging as well. It comes in a cardboard themed box with the brand logo, a bear wearing a hat in the middle. Under the logo the brand name Yogi is clearly printed with the flavor title written across the bottom. The juice itself comes in a plastic unicorn bottle wrapped in a label that matches the box.

We have not heard of the business plans of the manufacturers of Yogi E Liquid whether or not they will be filing for PMTA. They have been around in the industry since before the big vaping boom so we do not see why they wouldn’t continue to produce these amazing flavors. The Granola Bar series are even available in a nicotine salt version due to popular demand. The flavors are based on the original best selling e liquids.

  • Flavor Profile: Blueberry Granola Bar
  • VG/PG: Max VG
  • Nicotine Levels: 0MG, 3MG, 6MG
  • Size: 60ML