WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Ready to go on the island adventure you have been waiting for? Well, perhaps you should give this e-liquid collection a try! Tropic King E-Liquid is the vape juice collection that is going to be flavorful because of the number of fruits packed in each and every blend.


Berry Breeze
Blending together notes of tart blackberries, sweetened blueberries, tasty exotic black currant, and a touch of tangy raspberries to complete the flavor profile.

Mad Melon
Juicy watermelons, sweet honeydew, and luscious cantaloupes for a trio of melons that will reinvigorate the taste buds.

Lychee Luau
Combining aspects of luscious lychees, tasty pears, and a splash of fleshy peaches to create a flavorful exotic vape that will whisk the taste buds onto a tropical island.

Maui Mango
The taste of fresh cut pineapple mixed with a succulent mango and juicy orange. A fruity concoction and a delicious mixture. 

Cucumber Cooler
Cucumber mixed with ripe watermelons and fresh lime.

Grapefruit Gust
Grapefruit mixed with ripe strawberries and fresh guava.