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Tobac King is brought to you by Dripmore.  Having made a huge name for itself with it’s 2015 release of Candy King, the team at Dripmore hasn’t slowed down. Tobac King introduces a lineup of exotic tobacco flavors perfect those seeking a sophisticated vaping experience. Although the usual sweet and fruity vape juice tend to grab a lot of attention, tobacco flavors remain as popular as ever. With Tobac King, Dripmore presents a selection of delicious and complex tobacco flavors which are specifically designed to find the balance between sweet indulgence and earthy tobacco. Butterscotch E-liquid brings the familiar sweet and decadent dessert topping into tobacco form, perfect for enjoying slowly after a great meal. Few flavor profiles have the ability to deliver all day vape qualities quite like vanilla custard.

 Luckily for tobacco fans, Vanilla Custard E-liquid infuses a consistently sweet and creamy vanilla custard with Tobac King’s proven tobacco blend to create the perfect tobacco all day vape. For those who prefer a more straightforward yet incredibly full bodied experience, don’t miss Cuban E-liquid. A full fledged rendition of the most sought after cigars in the world, this is a vape experience you won’t want to miss. Whether it’s the sweet Butterscotch tobacco or the Cuban cigar tobacco, Tobac King delivers outstanding tobacco vape juice options.