WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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With a name like The Finest E-Liquid Company, you better bring home the goods! Fortunately for vaping enthusiasts throughout the world, Finest more than lives up to the billing, a rarity for an industry that churns out hyperbole at a meteoric rate.

But what makes The Finest E-Liquid stand out beyond its remarkably eye-catchy brand? It all starts with an uncompromising diligence to offer vape enthusiasts the highest quality in e-liquid concoctions. To that end, each flavor is carefully handcrafted by the vaping sector’s most experienced and talented artisans.

From there, a comprehensive marketing campaign, along with exceptional customer service brings to life one of the most compelling organizations within the industry.

But it’s not just the products themselves that have delivered The Finest the immense success they’ve achieved in recent years. After all, any company can spend that extra effort on their flagship products. The difference with The Finest crew is that every product that bears the now-iconic corporate logo embodies the same quality as any of their other blends.

In other words, you can pick up the company’s exquisite line of dessert flavors, arguably their top billing among aficionados. Or, you can elect the creature comforts of The Finest’s take fruit-flavored and candy-inspired e-juices. No matter where you go within their vast portfolio, you’ll experience the same level of consistency and performance.

Instead, Kim learned from the best and brightest in the business, names that you would immediately recognize as a vaping connoisseur.

Essentially adopting the role as an apprentice, Kim had a front-row seat to the vaping machinery. He learned first-hand what works, and what failed to resonate with the most important audience member: the end-user. Better yet, he received this education without having to put his capital at risk. Naturally, then, The Finest E-Liquid Company enjoyed a critical advantage that most organization could only dream of having.

But don’t call The Finest team spoiled. While they may have struck fortune with their circumstances, luck alone doesn’t drive sustained success. The vast majority of the company’s distinguished (and ever rising) list of accomplishments come from the grind; that is, the uncompromising, unrelenting pursuit of perfection.

And that, according to David Kim, was the missing ingredient in the vaping equation. Sensing the opportunity in delivering to market premium e-juices but without the premium price tag, Kim and his trusted leadership team launched The Finest E-Liquid Company in 2016.

Headquartered in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles – one of the growing vaping meccas of the world – the e-juice manufacturer launched in the heart of the competitive arena. Yet because of their strident approach to product quality and their consumer-centric ethos, The Finest brand quickly took on a life of its own.

With orders piling in and the phones constantly ringing off the hook, Kim finally realized his vision of bringing extraordinary flavors to vaping enthusiasts of any budget.


As we mentioned from the start, the underlying force behind The Finest E-Liquid brand name is their commitment to vaping excellence. From the blueprinting process to the front-face components of the supply chain, The Finest embodies the best that this business has to offer.

But it’s not just the grind that separates the organization from the rest of the pack. Instead, management invested substantial funds to ensure the highest quality benchmarks throughout the manufacturing process. To meet this lofty goal, The Finest developed a world-class ISO-7 certified facility through which every product enters. It also doesn’t leave that facility until the product is ready for distribution.

Of course, virtually all leading e-juice manufacturers deploy similar clean rooms and highly specialized facilities. With the competition rising in both scope and magnitude, not doing as such would quickly run you out of the game.

However, investments in quality necessary increase the cost outlay. Typically, companies pass off these costs to the consumer under the advertising moniker of “premium products.” That of course is not unique to the vaping sector. In almost every other industry, corporations always hit up the customer when expenses increase.

But here again, The Finest E-Liquid Company conceived of a better pathway to success. Rather than engineer every component in house, management inked a deal with renowned manufacturing and distribution powerhouse LCF Labs, Inc. Under this partnership, The Finest formulates their proprietary blends and concoctions. Once these products are ready for showtime, LCF takes over the reins.

Here’s where it gets interesting for the vaping connoisseur: The Finest could elect the manufacturing and distribution process to be conducted within their facilities. However, that would only skyrocket costs. Instead, with the LCF Labs deal, The Finest advantages the concept of economies of scale.

As a manufacturing and distribution specialist, LCF Labs will always be able to pump out products quicker and cheaper than The Finest can ever do internally. Plus, this component of the supply chain is commoditized: it requires no original thought or proprietary innovations. Instead, this segment is all about churning out products for mass distribution.

The end result is that The Finest is able to deliver on both volume and quality without the associated lift in pricing. That truly helps out the end-user, bringing The Finest brand name into legendary status within the enthusiast community.


With so much attention paid to the branding, the blueprinting, and the entire supply chain, it’s good to know that it all comes together in one of the finest bottles of e-liquid you’ll ever enjoy!

That meticulous eye for detail has brought The Finest E-Liquid Company front and center stage. As a result, The Finest also stands in organically as a vaping-industry evangelist. It’s a responsibility that they don’t take lightly: at every opportunity, if management isn’t crafting some of the most desired mixes in vaping, they’re out on the ground floor marketing the often-life altering experience of the digital arts.

Above and beyond: that’s the real catalyst underlining The Finest E-Liquid Company.


Although it might look like The Finest E-Liquid sprang to overnight success, the truth is anything but. Expending countless manhours and resources, management left nothing to chance, throwing everything they had into the burgeoning organization. Moreover, they’re one of the early adopters of marketing science, carefully analyzing consumer trends and behaviors, and strategically modulating their product pipeline accordingly.

But unlike most other e-juice firms, The Finest didn’t necessarily start out on a starkly inauspicious path. Instead, Finest proprietor David Kim was extraordinarily fortunate to have surrounded himself with industry mentors early in his vaping career. And we’re not just talking about casual vaping consumers.


The Gold Reserve is an instant classic, delivering the rich sweet aroma of milk & honey with a garnish of emulsified banana nuts and roasted almonds. Top all that off with a splash of cream, and you have a flavor “reserved” for the most experienced of vapors.

Milk & Honey, banana nuts, roasted almonds and a splash of cream… about the furthest blend from tobacco as you can get. And so damned amazing it became an immediate member of my rotation of eliquids.

The best thing to say about Gold Reserve is that in a mesh sub-ohm tank, each individual flavor note hits the tastebuds ‘one after another’, allowing the Vaper the time to taste each flavor component, while creating huge clouds of vapor.


The Russian Cream isn’t just your ordinary VCT – this flavor takes the traditional Vanilla, Custard, and Tobacco mix to new heights. Specially formulated with daily vapability in mind, Russian cream offers a velvety layer of vanilla enriched with a delicate balance of tobacco culminating in a rich VCT that delivers a smooth and well-rounded all-day vaping experience. – The Finest Eliquid


Ready for dessert with a twist? Tiramisu Custard takes the archetypal Italian dessert cake and infuses hints of espresso, layered with a whipped mixture of vanilla bean, golden graham crackers, and a custard filling on the back note.


Sometimes simplicity is best. Cool Mint is an unassuming, no frills kind of flavor that is precisely what it sounds like – a cool, breezy vape that’s smooth on the exhale leaving you with a fresh spearmint taste.


Enter the lychee dragon! A distinctive flavor profile that truly packs a punch. Fresh dragonfruit with a hint of luscious lychee on the inhale and a smooth strawberry medley on the exhale.