Ruthless Salt Nicotine Swagg Sauce Ruthless Salt Nicotine

WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Ruthless Salt Nicotine

Ruthless Salt Nicotine

Ruthless is a world famous vape juice company who has striven to create the highest quality e-juices for their consumers since 2011. They have accomplished this by a quality control standard that is held highly in their company. This e-liquid brand has taken the vape industry by storm and are continuing to grow. 

Ruthless has now taken the next step in expanding their vape juices by creating their Ruthless Salt Nicotine collection. These savory flavor are identical to those that you already love, but have been transformed for use with pod systems. Salt nicotine vape juice is not meant for Sub-Ohm devices and should only be used with refillable pod devices. This is due to the higher concentrates of nicotine that provide consumers the ability to kick those cravings with less puffs throughout the day.

Ruthless Salt Nicotine is packaged in a 30ml bottle and offers nicotine levels of 35mg and 50mg. Their famous flavors like Tropic Thunda, Strizzy, Grape Drank, and Ez Duz It are sure to please with their all-day-vape flavor.