WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Juice Head Salt

A brand that will never fail you. Juice Head is named that way for a reason because they know how to make their vape juices taste just like delicious glass of freshly squeezed juice. From sour to sweet they’ve got it all in one delicious line that everyone is falling head over heels for. So if you’re not in the Juice Head movement you at least need to try their selection of salt nic juices. Trust me after you give these bad boys a try you’ll become a Juice Head yourself.

Now that Juice Head has their own salt nicotine line they will be unstoppable in every way. They will stop at nothing to only make the best of the best flavors for everybody to enjoy. And it all starts here.


A fusion between two fruits that have been brought and mixed together by Juice Head. If you’re familiar with those delicious fruit cups that contain sliced peach and pear soaking in that eye-rolling juice then you’re in for a surprise. This vape juice is easily compared to that and it couldn’t be better. On the inhale is sweet juicy peach whisking away onto your tongue spoiling your taste buds in sweet nectarine flavor. As you exhale the taste of crisp pear will supplement the gaps that the peach missed and create a fusion that will draw you back in for more.


Tangy kiwis and sunkissed strawberry here to steal your soul and take your breath away with one puff. On the inhale the everloving flavor of sweet sweet strawberry will shower your taste buds with its glitz and glamorous behavior of its irresistible tastiness. As you exhale the tart tones of kiwi will introduce you into a fusion that has been so well versed and loved it’ll be hard to not choose this next time after getting a single hit.


Tart pineapple and bitter grapefruit make one heck of a flavor. The two most well known tropical fruits are here to steal the spotlight with the extra fruitful explosion it gives off. Sweet yet tart pineapple on the inhale hugging onto your tongue on the inhale, as the bitterness of grapefruit coats your entire mouth leaving a slight floral essence trailing along on the exhale.


You put the watermelon with the lime and you mix it all up. Mix it all up, mix it all up. And BAM a heartwarming flavor that throws a real party in your mouth. Sweet lush watermelon on the inhale layering itself on your tongue with the perfect blast of watermelon. As you exhale sour notes of lime whisks away with the watermelon giving you the best of both worlds with one hit.