WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Strawberry by Jam Monster offers loads of sweet and tart flavor that is perfect in the vape form. Imagine creamy buttered toast and a spread of tasty blueberry jam. It is an outstanding vape flavor that we know you will enjoy every time.


Blackberry by Jam Monster provides a remarkable flavor experience from beginning to end that no one has been able to compete with. This delectable treat offers the taste of blackberry with delicious hints of cream flavor. It is almost like spreading blackberry jam on crispy toast, followed by light buttery notes.


Raspberry by Jam Monster is just the punch your taste buds have been yearning for. Ready yourself for the sweetness of raspberries and cream. It is a flavor experience that provides creamy buttery toast with a blanket of raspberry jam to really boost your taste levels. If you are wanting a morning classic, you’ve met your match.


Blueberry by Jam Monster is an extraordinary blend that can easily become one of your new best favorites. It offers the brilliant taste of a blueberry jam spread across a blanket of freshly baked buttered toast. It’s all about blueberry jam and the creamy finishing notes you will love.


Grape by Jam Monster is a complex flavor that is hard to recreate, yet Jam Monster manages to perfect it. This taste vape uses a buttery toast that is super creamy and loaded with a spread full of grape jam. It is the perfect grape flavor that was designed to satisfy your cravings.


Apple by Jam Monster is a brilliant flavor concoction that we’re certain your taste buds will find interesting. It is made with authentic apple jam flavor, which features a tarty yet sweet taste that will send your taste buds for a ride. It’s a burst of green apple goodness and a mix of smooth buttercream as a finisher.


Banana by Jam Monster offers a simplistic taste using an authentic banana flavor. From beginning to end, you will taste nothing short of banana. Once you inhale, you taste banana, then the exhale provides the same taste, yet leaves subtle lingering notes that will keep you coming back for more.


Mixed Berry by Jam Monster is a combination of mixed berry flavors that you will love to vape throughout the day. It provides a remarkably authentic taste of strawberry, blackberry, and blueberry spread across a warm buttery toast. This fascinating concoction of mixed berries and creamy toast will definitely have your tastes in an overload of flavor.


PB and Jam by PB and Jam Monster is a tasty treat that you wouldn’t expect to taste so satisfying. This one surely takes you back to your childhood when you went days on end enjoying the delicious flavor of peanut butter and jam. It is a succulent vape experience that you will want to keep snacking on all day.


Strawberry PB and Jam by PB and Jam Monster is an outstanding blend of flavors that you will absolutely love. It consists of a sweet taste of peanut butter and strawberry jam, which should definitely bring back some childhood memories. We enjoy the perfectly crafted vape flavor and we just know you will enjoy it just as much.