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WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Vape Batteries

Looking for Vape Batteries? Swagg Sauce got you covered. We carry a large variety of high discharge batteries that are perfect for vape devices, providing reliability, performance, safety, and flexibility in one tidy little package. As with our other components, we are proud to offer an industry-leading level of customization. You vape mod or vape pen should be an individual experience, and your battery choice is no exception. At Swagg Sauce, we have the very best batteries in the market.  

Batteries are an essential part of the vaping experience and come in all shapes and sizes. Below you will find our handpicked selection of high-quality batteries from leading battery manufactures like Sony, LG, Samsung, Efest, IMREN, MXJO and more. We offer wide selection of 18650, 20700, 21700, 26650 and 3500 batteries for all kinds of vape devices from mechanical to temperature control vape mods. No matter if you have a small 30w mod or a beastly 200w box mod, we are certain that you will find what you’re looking for, we’ve got the supplies you need to keep your devices stocked and charged!

If you are using a low-quality vape batteries, you are putting yourself at risk of harm not only your device but your body. Many cheap batteries aren’t compatible with the powerful vaping devices that are on the market today.  So, keep these factors in mind when buying a vape battery. Time for a Safety Lesson!

  • Never exceed the amps of your battery. Brush up on your knowledge of ohms law.
  • Use the correct batteries. All are mods and devices will let you know what type of battery is required. Never combine two different types of batteries.
  • Buy quality batteries. Use a reputable supplier like Swagg Sauce.
  • Use a battery holder. Don’t find out what can happen if you leave your batteries loose in your pockets.

At Swagg Sauce, we test every battery that’s in our inventory before making it available to our customers through our website. This way, we are certain that it will truly deliver a long-lasting vape experience.

In addition to our collection of vape batteries, we offer a wide array of high-quality chargers that are dependable and durable. These chargers will ensure that you vape batteries will last for a long time and consistently deliver the amount of power required to enjoy full hits and lots of vapor.

No power no vape. So, no matter if you have a mech mod, a single batter regulated mod, or a 4-battery monster mod, Swagg Sauce’s collection of Vape Batteries is the best that you will find. Our prices can’t be beat, and our batteries are high in quality, keeping you safe and ensuring a satisfying vaping experience.