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January 05, 2018

We know that many proponents against ecigs and vaping love to throw out all kinds of "facts" surrounding vaping, including distressing "evidence" that speaks out against it, and suggesting that vaping is no different from smoking. However, no matter how hard anti-vapers try, there is one authentic fact they cannot seem to disprove: Why vaping is safer for those around the vaper than cigarette smoking and the second-hand smoke it distributes.

Yes, it’s true that vaping has only been around for a short period of time when compared to other ways of using tobacco, including smoking cigarettes and pipes to chewing, cigars, and other manual uses of nicotine outside of vaping. However, the most common nicotine delivery system is still the cigarette, which is far and away the most dangerous way to get nicotine into the body.

Myth: Vaping Was Invented to Help Smokers Quit Cigarettes

We're not here to suggest that all smokers should shift to vaping—we know it doesn't work for everyone. That said, we don't understand how anti-vapers are able to suggest that vaping is a dangerous gateway to smoking while simultaneously being a dangerous way for existing smokers to quit all together. If you are a cigarette smoker, you're putting yourself and those around you at a higher risk for complications from first- and second-hand smoke.

Myth: Vaping is Just as Dangerous as Cigarettes and Second-Hand Smoke

For vaping, there is no solid evidence to suggest that vaping poses more or equivocally the same level of concern. When vapers exhale, they aren't exhaling smoke into the atmosphere, only vapor, making them far less dangerous for any potential second-hand nicotine users.

Myth: Vaping is the New Smoking

Vaping isn't the new smoking because there is no smoke, and vaping is proven to be less harmful than smoking—the only thing we don't yet have enough anecdotal evidence about is by how MUCH vaping is safer, though some suggest it is as much as 95 percent safer than smoking cigarettes.

Myth: Vaping is Geared to a Younger Audience

Another myth—that ecigs are marketed to young or underage smokers—isn't a credible claim because: a) cigarettes have been marketed to underage smokers for more than three decades, and b) just because kids enjoy fruity and other very robust flavors doesn't mean adults don't. In other words, adults enjoy vaping culture, and suggesting it is there for non-adult clients is no less ill-informed than suggestions that vaping is the new smoking.

 Adults Get to Make Their Own Decisions

For adults who wish to vape simply because they enjoy vaping, Swagg Sauce offers the best e-liquids available today. From VG and PG juices and juices from 0mg,3mg, 6mg, and 12mg nicotine per milliliter, we have a large selection of fruity, sweet, menthol, dessert, tobacco, Breakfast and holiday flavors you’ll enjoy. There’s nothing to prove or disprove—just enjoy yourself, follow the rules, and make your own adult decisions!

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