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November 22, 2019

Every fruit lover knows that Pachamama makes some of the tastiest e-liquids on the planet, as they have a knack for dreaming up innovative fruit blends that you just can’t find anywhere else.  Swagg Sauce is proud to include the spectacular line of vape juices from Pachamama to our collection.  We know that the delicious offerings that they’ve introduced to the vaping world are highly unique, stunningly fresh and distinctive in terms of quality.

Pachamama is the sub brand of Charlie’s Chalk Dust, one of the leaders in the vaping industry for many years.  The company has maintained their standards of quality since their launch, which is why they’ve earned the trust and respect of the vaping community as a whole.  When they launched Pachamama, it was clear right away that this was anything but another fruit company playing it safe.  With flavors like acai, pitaya, nectarine, blood orange and gooseberry, Pachamama distinguished themselves from the rest by providing vapers with flavors that had never been vaped before.

And, Pachamama does more than produce stunning blends of exotic fruits.  This is a brand that is renowned for taking quality seriously, which is why every single ingredient has been carefully sourced in order to ensure that it’s as perfect as can be.  In other words, their coconut tastes exactly like what you’d find on the tree.  Their nectarine has that complex zesty taste that you only find in nature.  We’re sure you get the point.

Pachamama boasts an extensive catalog, ensuring that everyone will find what is most pleasing to their palate, and then some.  For this reason, we’re certain that you’ll fall in love with this brand in the same way that we did.  Their e-liquids are uniquely refreshing, reminding us of the sensation of gulping down a big glass of freshly squeezed juice.  And, with so many mouthwatering flavors to choose from, you’ll likely have quite a lot of fun working your way through the collection, one tempting e-liquid at a time. 

To put it simply, no one does fruits like Pachamama, so check out this brand today.  

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