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November 08, 2019

All of us have a sweet tooth that yearns for the sugary and sticky treats from the good old days, but we know that to indulge these days would be quite a risk.  After all, none of us want to deal with cavities or the side effects of consuming too much sugar on a daily basis.  Luckily, for those who vape, there’s Candy King; a brand that's been leading the way in terms of candy-inspired creations for years. And, vapers continue to prefer their sweet and sour confections over other e-liquids that are on the market today.

So, what makes Candy King so unique? 

Well, for one thing, they’re not one of those confection-inspired brands that overdoes it with artificial sweeteners and synthetic-tasting fruit extracts.  Rather, they carefully source each and every ingredient based on quality, authenticity, and, of course, taste.  For this reason, each e-liquid that they’ve produced reminds us exactly of a special sweet that we used to indulge in by the bagful back in the day.  Their dedication to flawlessly recreating our favorite old-school confections is nothing short of prolific, as they boast a massive array of flavors that will make any sweet tooth jump up and down with joy.

In terms of the flavors that they offer, the list is extensive.  They offer chewy gummies that stick to the sweet tooth, long strips of sour goodness that makes the mouth pucker, sugary little hard candies that explode with fruity splendor and so on.  To put it simply, no candy lover will walk away empty-handed as they explore the selection that Candy King has provided.  And, at Swagg Sauce, we stock their exceptional line, guaranteeing freshness, authenticity and maximum satisfaction.  

So, if you’re tired of turning down your sweet tooth’s desires, it’s time to get acquainted with the magnificent vape juices from Candy King.  If your palate hasn’t quite grown up and entered the age of adulthood, this is the brand that you’re going to want to keep in rotation.  With many flavors being ADV contenders, we know that you won’t be disappointed.

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