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WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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November 10, 2019

The GeekVape Frenzy Kit is an award-winning vaping system that takes the idea of AIO pod vaping to a whole new level with a plethora of innovative features as well as a standout aesthetic. Inspired by the box mods that sub-ohm vapers love, only smaller, the Frenzy is a handheld, pocket-friendly pod system that allows users to enjoy more nicotine, more power and more satisfaction overall. Simply put, if you’re a salt nic lover who wants to elevate their vaping experience, this is the kit to buy. 

Its lightweight construction may be misleading, as it’s easily one of the most durable and reliable pod systems on the market today. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who is familiar with the dedication to quality construction for which the brand is known. The elongated mouthpiece allows for smoother hits and more vapor per puff. Built into the kit is a robust 950mAh battery that can last all day long for many vapers. The mod portion boasts an array of output modes, including an impressive temperature control option.

The pod cartridge that comes with the device can hold a whopping two milliliters of your favorite vape juice flavor due to its refillable nature. The pod comes with two coils: the 0.7ohm NS Mesh KA1 coil, which has already been installed into the cartridge, as well as the 1.2ohm NS SS316L coil that allows for a satisfying mouth-to-lung experience. The cartridge features anti-leak technology which helps you save precious vape juice.

How to Use the GeekVape Frenzy Kit

Step #1: Remove the GeekVape Frenzy Kit from the packaging. Then, decide which coil you’d like to use. If you crave a sub-ohm experience, you can leave the coil that’s already been installed into the pod cartridge as it is. If you desire a MTL vaping experience, you can switch out the coil for the one that is in the box. Also, remove the charging cable, and place the user manual somewhere safe as you may need to refer to it later.

Step #2: Charge the Frenzy Mod until the light turns green, indicating a full charge. Meanwhile, fill your pod cartridge with vape juice, allowing it to sit for a few minutes so that the coil can be thoroughly primed.

Step #3: Snap the cartridge into the mod and adjust your settings as needed. Now, you can enjoy your first puff.

If you’re a fan of the salt nic e-liquids from Swagg Sauce, you’re going to want to get your hands on this one-of-a-kind vaping system. Thanks to the unique technological elements of this kit, you’ll get stronger, bolder and more nuanced flavor whenever you vape one of our e-juices.

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