Unleash the Awesomeness with the MI-POD CORK COLLECTION

WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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April 11, 2019

Smoking Vapor has done it yet again, this time unveiling the Mi-Pod Cork Collection, an all-in-one pod system starter kit that’s certain to attract some attention (the good kind).  With its playful cork-inspired exterior and its retro-inspired shape, this kit is certainly a feast for the eyes.  More importantly, it’s packed with all of the innovative technological features that make Smoking Vapor one of the most important players in the pod game right now.  And, of course, it’s as portable as they come.

All About the Mi-Pod Cork Collection

Smoking Vapor knows a thing or two about style, and that’s clear as soon as you lay your eyes on the Mi-Pod Cork Collection.  At first glance, this innovative pod system boasts a tiki-inspired style that’s equipped with a fifties-inspired motif in the top corner.  Curved edges are lined with metallic material for a hint of luxury.  These curved edges also make this device remarkably comfortable to hold in the palm.

The cork-inspired exterior is both whimsical and modern.  For instance, a slim box-like shape that makes it extremely pocket-friendly.  If you’re looking for a highly portable all-in-one system, this is your best bet.  And, like all of Smoking Vapor’s hardware, this device is extremely durable thanks to high-quality materials that are as resilient as they come. 

Did we mention that this slim little pod system is a beast in terms of power?  An integrated and technologically robust 950mAh battery supplies you with long-lasting vapes.  You’ll be satisfied with the unit’s power when you get that first hit of abundant, luxurious vapor that’s rich and flavorful.  Being draw-activated makes it extremely easy to use, plus it boasts a stealth mode for serious vapers.

The built-in plethora of safety features include short circuit protection, ten-second cut-off, overheating protection and low resistance protection.

Equipped with two refillable pod 2mL cartridges that boast leak-proof technology, you won’t have to worry possible leakage issues.  Top airflow mechanisms allow for smoother, more satisfying hits.  The 1.0ohm resistance level is perfect for MTL vaping.  And, overall, the flavor from your salt-based e-liquid is always phenomenal.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Mi-Pod Cork Collection

Step #1: Remove the Mi-Pod Cork from its packaging.  Then, remove the two pod cartridges.  Leave everything else in the box and place the box somewhere safe as you will probably want to use the other components at some other time.

Step #2: Charge your pod mod until it reaches a full charge.  You’ll know that it’s done charging when the LED light turns green.

Step #3: While the mod is charging, fill your pod cartridges.  We suggest filling both cartridges with e-liquid ahead of time.  You can use two different vape juice flavors if you’d like.

  • When you’re done filling each pod cartridge with e-liquid, prime the cartridge coils.
  • Do this by allowing the e-juice to sit in the cartridges for around five minutes.
  • Then, pick up each cartridge, cover the airholes and very gently blow into the cartridges.

Step #4: Now, attach a pod cartridge to your device.  Make sure that it snaps into place. 

Final Step: Take a hit by pulling on the mouthpiece.  Because the device is draw-activated, you don’t need to use any buttons to fire a hit.

Experience Salt Nic Bliss with the Mi-Pod Cork Collection!

The Mi-Pod Cork Collection is specially designed to give you intense salt nicotine satisfaction while allowing you to enjoy and show off a uniquely attractive system.

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