Twice the Swagg Juice Fun: Swagg Sauce Mix and Match Vape Juice 2x60ml

WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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September 18, 2019

The only thing that our customers love more than our signature e-liquid flavors is the ability to stock up on those signature e-liquid flavors while saving some cash at the same time.  That’s why we’re excited to present to you our Mix and Match Vape Juice 2x60ml.  This exclusive, money-saving deal lets you grab two large 60ml bottles of your favorite Swagg Sauce flavors without breaking the bank.  And, with so many flavors to choose from, we’re certain that you’ll be able to keep your taste buds as satisfied as your wallet.

All About This Exclusive Offer from Swagg Sauce

We at Swagg Sauce are very proud of the fact that we have a solid reputation for delivering some of the best flavors that money can buy.  Our customers are loyal to us because they know that we put our heart and soul into developing the tastiest vape juices possible.  And, we offer an enormous selection, guaranteeing that there’s something for every single palate.

When you order the Mix and match Vape Juice 2x60ml, you can try out two different flavors without spending the full amount on each bottle.  This is great for someone who wants to test new flavors without fully committing to paying full price, and also for the vaper who just wants to save a bit of money since vaping can be a bit, well, expensive. 

Grabbing this bundle is easy.  Simply select your preferred nicotine strength from the drop-down menu, and then go ahead and choose the two flavors that you’d like.  Keep in mind that you can simply grab two of the same flavors if you’d like.

You’ll see that most of our signature flavors are available for this exciting offer.  Whether you crave sugary candies, rich desserts, smooth tobaccos or luscious fruits, we know that we have several vape juice flavors to offer that will make your taste buds squeal with delight.

Who Doesn’t Love Yummy Vape Juices? 

And, who doesn’t love saving money?  The Swagg Sauce Mix and Match 2x60ml is a great way to enjoy two outstanding vape juice flavors without dipping into your savings.  This bundle lets you treat yourself to two large bottles of e-liquid, and you can pick through a massive array of mouthwatering flavors.  So, pick out your flavors and enjoy those sweet savings!

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