Top 5 Yummy Custard Flavors Top 5 Yummy Custard Flavors

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January 30, 2018

If you've ever tasted a custard-flavored e-juice from Swagg Sauce, you know that the brand has figured out a way to deliver the creamiest, richest and silkiest custard taste out there. If you're a fiend for custard, you're going to love these five e-juice flavors. Each e-juice combines the brand's signature custard taste with the flavors that you crave more than anything else.

Custard Flavor #5: Candle Cane Vape Juice

Candle Cane vape juice is a dessert flavor that's both invigorating and decadent. The combination of rich vanilla custard and zesty lemon is deeply balanced, wowing the palate with an unexpected yet titillating blend of flavor notes. If you like your desserts to come with a fresh squeeze of citrus, Candle Cane vape juice is a must-have.

When you first inhale Candle Cane e-juice, the combination of rich vanilla and tart, bright lemon flavors seduce the palate. Meanwhile, the silkiest, smoothest custard flavor begins rolling down the tongue. When you exhale, the creaminess of the custard bathes your taste buds as those lemon and vanilla flavors continue to balance each other out.

Custard Flavor #4: The Saloon Vape Juice

For The Saloon vape juice, Swagg Sauce has carefully blended two of their most beloved flavors in order to create something that's truly exceptional. Rich, velvety custard and smooth, robust tobacco sing together in perfect harmony as you take puff after puff of this luxurious vape juice.

As you inhale The Saloon e-juice, you'll taste the fresh egg yolks that are used to make the richest French custards on the planet. Then, a wash of vanilla soaks every taste bud. Meanwhile, the flavor of full-bodied American tobacco makes its way to the back of the throat, satisfying those relentless cravings. When you exhale, the sweet and nutty tobacco notes linger on the palate as the custard's creaminess drenches your tongue.

Custard Flavor #3: Killa Banana Vape Juice

There's something outrageously satisfying about the combination of creamy bananas and smooth custard. Killa Banana vape juice from Swagg Sauce has won the hearts of vapers around the world thanks to its luxurious taste that makes the palate drool on impact. The banana flavor is sweet without being overpowering, complementing the delicate yet rich custard taste perfectly.

When you inhale Killa Banana e-juice, a rush of sweet, velvety banana flavor runs along the tongue, satisfying your sweet tooth at once. Then, the rich taste of custard follows with its hint of vanilla. When you exhale, the banana flavor remains while the custard's creaminess makes you feel like you've died and gone to dessert heaven.

Custard Flavor #2: Killa Custard Vape Juice

Killa Custard isn't like any other custard flavor that you've ever tasted. For this exquisite flavor, Swagg Sauce blended two exquisitely creamy tastes in order to satisfy every taste bud. The combination of rich Bavarian cream and silky vanilla bean ice cream is more delicious than some of the most expensive desserts on the planet.

On the inhale, Killa Custard e-juice surrounds the tongue with the intoxicating taste of fresh vanilla. The fragrance of the vanilla remains as the smooth ice cream trickles down the back of the palate. On the exhale, Bavarian cream adds an extra hit of richness to the overall flavor.

Custard Flavor #1: Cowboy Custard Vape Juice

There's a reason why Cowboy Custard is one of the best-selling vape juices out there. Each pull delivers rich custard, sugary caramel and the authentic taste of robust, full-bodied tobacco. This exquisite e-juice allows you to get your dessert fix while satisfying your tobacco craving.

When you inhale Cowboy Custard e-juice, the taste of American tobacco pounds your tongue. Then, a gooey drizzle of caramel slowly envelopes each taste bud. When you exhale, a bath of creamy vanilla custard makes your dreams come true.

Swagg Sauce is a brand that has mastered the art of creating luxurious custard flavor. These vape juices will all satisfy your palate with that rich and creamy taste that you crave.

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