Top 5 Springtime E-Liquids From Swagg Sauce Top 5 Springtime E-Liquids From Swagg Sauce

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March 24, 2018

Top 5 Springtime E-Liquids From Swagg Sauce

Time to bask in the glory of gorgeous spring weather. Once the weather gets warmer, our palates start to yearn for the refreshing flavors of the season. At Swagg Sauce, you'll find a large variety of e-liquid flavors that evoke the wonderful feelings of Spring.

Springtime E-Liquid #5: Good Times

Good Times vape juice is a refreshing cola beverage that's loaded with the flavors of spring. The e-liquid tastes just like everyone's favorite lemon and lime soda. Swagg Sauce enhanced the flavor dramatically by adding the flavor of fresh, juicy strawberries. The effervescence of this e-liquid will exhilarate every taste bud as the thirst-quenching taste makes its way to the back of your throat. When you inhale Good Times e-juice, the bubbly citrus soda flavor rushes across the tongue, making the whole palate tingle. The exhale delivers a generous splash of sweet and tangy strawberry juice that reminds you of the berries that begin to ripen during this time of year.

Springtime E-Liquid #4: Fruit Lemonade

Fruit Lemonade vape juice is a thirst-quenching beverage flavor for those warmer days of spring. The zesty, sweet lemonade delivers the perfect amount of mouth-puckering goodness while the peach, guava, honeydew melon and pineapple flavors make you salivate beyond belief. On the inhale, Fruit Lemonade vape juice excites the tongue with the sharp and tart taste of fresh lemons. The sweetness of the lemonade quickly dominates as a stream of crisp honeydew washes over the palate. When you exhale, you'll delight in the thirst-quenching flavors of guava, peach and pineapple juices.

Springtime E-Liquid #3: Castle Black

If you've been waiting all winter long to enjoy some cold and creamy ice cream, you owe it to yourself to indulge in it. Castle Black vape juice is one of the most decadent ice cream flavors that you'll ever have. For this e-liquid, Swagg Sauce took smooth vanilla ice cream and smothered it in creamy peanut butter, gooey caramel and rich banana custard. With each inhale of Castle Black e-juice, the velvety vanilla ice cream saturates the tongue. The savory notes of peanut butter balance out the ice cream's sweetness as the liquid lingers on the palate. When you exhale, banana custard bathes the taste buds as a dollop of sticky caramel falls onto the sweet tooth.

Springtime E-Liquid #2: Berry Kool

If you want to enjoy the crisp and refreshing taste of spring fruits, Berry Kool vape juice is where it's at. The combination of succulent strawberries, juicy peaches, crisp apples and chilly mint is incredibly refreshing and satisfyingly sweet. The menthol finish delivers a nice cooling effect for those warmer spring days. As you inhale Berry Kool e-juice, the tangy strawberry juice thrills the taste buds right away. A splash of peach juice falls onto the tongue and quenches the thirst. Then, a blast of apple flavor adds refreshing crispness that tantalizes the tongue. With every exhale, cold menthol invigorates you from head to toe.

Springtime E-Liquid #1: Homerun

Homerun vape juice is a cotton candy flavor that will make you feel like you're at the annual town fair that comes around each spring. The sugary cotton candy is infused with fresh strawberries and blueberries, giving this flavor a refreshing tang. On the inhale, the blueberries and strawberries make you salivate with their tangy notes. Then, the delicious cotton candy king flavor takes over. Each exhale is sugary beyond words.

Get These Springtime Flavors Today!

The e-liquid flavors listed above will get you into the spring spirit with seasonal tastes that dazzle the taste buds.

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