Top 5 Candy Flavors From Swagg Sauce

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November 24, 2017

One of the most exciting things about the world of vaping is the ability to relive our childhoods through candy-flavored e-liquids. Swagg Sauce has become the go-to brand for vape enthusiasts who want to once again indulge in their favorite candy tastes from childhood. These top five Swagg Sauce candy flavors are going to blow away your sweet tooth while bringing back happy memories from the good old days.

Swagg Vape Candy Flavor #5: Candy Kane Crush

With winter approaching, our taste buds are beginning to crave the spectacular flavor of a minty and sugary candy cane. If the combination of icy mint and sugary sweetness is your jam, Candy Kane Crush vape juice is for you. When you inhale Candy Kane Crush vape juice, a cold blast of peppermint saturates your tongue. Then, when you exhale, satisfying sweetness balances out the fresh mint flavor, pleasing your sweet tooth intensely.

Swagg Vape Candy Flavor #4: Strawberry Candy

When you take pure strawberry flavor, and coat it in candy sugar, you get a mouth-watering treat that quenches the thirst while intoxicating the sweet tooth. Strawberry Candy vape juice from Swagg Sauce delivers that same juicy, sugary taste in e-liquid form. When you take a puff of Strawberry Candy vape juice, you'll experience instant satisfaction from head to toe. With every inhale, glorious juiciness from the flavor of fresh strawberries trickles down your tongue. As the vapor saturates the palate, its sweetness intensifies, making the sweet tooth tingle with excitement. When you exhale, that strawberry candy taste that you've loved since you were a kid will linger on the palate.

Swagg Vape Candy Flavor #3: Gum Baller

Swagg Sauce's Gum Baller vape juice takes fruit fusions to the next level. This fruity bubblegum flavor is a stunning blend of tart green apples and extremely juicy peaches. The pure fruit tastes will linger on the tongue long after the exhale, delivering extreme pleasure just like your favorite brand of fruit-flavored bubblegum. As you inhale Gum Baller vape juice, sour green apple goodness makes the mouth pucker. Then, the sweet taste of juicy peaches drenches the taste buds. When you exhale, these two fruit flavors sing in glorious harmony on the tongue as a dose of sugary bubblegum flavor soaks into the sweet tooth.

Swagg Vape Candy Flavor #2: Green Apple Hard Candy

Green Apple Hard Candy vape juice from Swagg Sauce is the ultimate candy flavor for those who crave sour and sugary green apple candies. This e-liquid gives you the same juicy and sweet taste that you enjoy when you suck on your favorite fruity candy treat. Made with exceptional ingredients, this e-liquid tastes just like the real thing. When you inhale Green Apple Hard Candy vape juice, a bath of tart green apple flavor soaks into the taste buds, making you salivate with joy. Then, when you exhale, that green apple flavor becomes sweet, satisfying your sugar cravings without any of the calories.

Swagg Vape Candy Flavor #1. Blue Raspberry Candy

Blue raspberry is the candy flavor of choice for those who want intensely sour yet delightfully sugary flavor. That's why Swagg Sauce developed Blue Raspberry Candy vape juice, their outstanding take on that iconic candy flavor. With every puff, your mouth will pucker as your sweet tooth sings with pleasure. When you inhale Blue Raspberry Candy vape juice, sour blue raspberry flavor makes you drool with delight. On the exhale, that flavor becomes gloriously sweet as luscious berry flavor flows over the palate.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Whether your sweet tooth craves a kiss of cold mint or delightfully sour fruit flavors, Swagg Sauce has a candy flavor for you that's guaranteed to satisfy on impact.

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