Top 5 Cake Flavors For 2018

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January 01, 2018

If you often find yourself struggling to turn down just one more slice of fluffy, sweet cake, Swagg Sauce has got your back. Since the brand's launch, they've been developing some of the most satisfying cake-inspired flavors in existence. Whether you crave a decadent layered birthday cake or a sweet glazed pastry, Swagg Sauce has a vape juice that's going to deliver intense pleasure to your sweet tooth.

Cake Flavor #5: Trick or Treat Vape Juice

Trick or Treat vape juice is a cake flavor that's layered with yummy surprises. This e-liquid is a combination of fluffy cake, rich vanilla cream, tongue-tickling raspberries and sugary sweet coconut. The flavors balance each other out beautifully, giving the taste buds intense joy. 

On the inhale, Trick or Treat e-juice smacks the tongue with the buttery taste of a fluffy yellow cake. Meanwhile, the tangy and tart raspberry notes make the taste buds water. The raspberries become sweeter as a dash of exotic coconut adds complexity to the flavor profile. On the exhale, silky vanilla cream runs down the palate.

Cake Flavor #4: Honey Bunz Vape Juice

If you prefer the sweet and buttery taste of fresh pastries, Honey Bunz vape juice by Swagg Sauce is where it's at. The honey-soaked cake is stuffed with creamy strawberry frosting, exciting the sweet tooth beyond words. The kiss of sticky honey gives this flavor an extra hit of satisfying sweetness.

When you inhale Honey Bunz e-juice, the taste of fresh pastry gives you sweet and savory notes that seduce the taste buds instantly. Then, juicy strawberry flavor saturates your tongue. The exhale consists of sugary honey and creamy strawberry frosting.

Cake Flavor #3: Mad Batter Vape Juice

Some people prefer to enjoy cake in batter form. That's why Swagg Sauce has released Mad Batter vape juice, a sinful blend of rich cake batter and creamy strawberry-flavored marshmallows. As one indulgent taste after another flows along the tongue, your sweet tooth will be thanking you.

On the inhale, Mad Batter e-juice unleashes rich and smooth cake batter onto the taste buds. This cake batter flavor tastes exactly like the real thing. Then, a burst of fresh strawberry flavor introduces balance to the flavor profile. On the exhale, strawberry marshmallow flavor soaks the tongue with its creaminess.

Cake Flavor #2: King's Gold Vape Juice

King's Gold vape juice is a flawless flavor replica of those golden cakes that are stuffed with thick vanilla cream. One puff of this tongue-teasing taste will have the saliva flowing like crazy. The slightly savory notes from the cake's buttery taste make this e-liquid perfectly balanced.

When you inhale King's Gold e-juice, that rich yellow cake flavor brings back memories of indulging in that packaged treat right away. The yellow cake becomes sweeter as a ribbon of vanilla cream dances on the palate. When you exhale, the exact taste of that iconic snack makes you want to cry with happiness.

Cake Flavor #1: Birthday Cake Vape Juice

Birthday Cake vape juice is one of those indulgent flavors that you can vape without any guilt. This e-liquid consists of layers upon layers of fluffy strawberry-flavored cake and rich, thick vanilla icing. This vape juice tastes exactly like a homemade birthday cake that you only get to enjoy once each year.

On the inhale, your sweet tooth will celebrate the buttery and sweet taste of homemade yellow cake that has been soaked in luxurious strawberry juice. As the mouth waters uncontrollably, the richest and creamiest vanilla-flavored buttercream soaks every taste bud. On the exhale, these flavors continue to satisfy your cake cravings.

Swagg Sauce's team of creative experts have blessed us with some of the most outrageously tasty cake flavors on the market. If you live for sinful desserts, grab all five of these premium vape juices and your palate will be in heaven.

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