Top 5 2019 Springtime Vape Juices from Swagg Sauce Top 5 2019 Springtime Vape Juices from Swagg Sauce

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March 21, 2019

Finally, the spring season has arrived.  That means that most of us are switching up our e-liquid flavors in order to indulge in the tastes that come with the springtime weather.  Suddenly, flavors like fresh berries and cold ice cream are taking over our cravings.

Luckily, at Swagg Sauce, you can give into your most intense springtime cravings with five exquisite e-liquids that capture the flavors of the season.  Below, you’ll find a list of the mouthwatering offerings that will help you make the most of the gorgeous weather.

Springtime Vape Juice Flavor #5:Maui Waui Milk

Once the spring season comes around, we start to see beautifully plump strawberries ripen underneath the warm, bright sun.  If you love those beautiful little bright red gems, you might want to consider picking up a nice, big bottle of Maui Waui Milk.  By combining succulent, seasonal strawberries with farm fresh milk, Swagg Sauce has given us a magnificent way to celebrate spring’s bounty.  On the inhale, those sweet and tangy strawberries supply your palate with all of the satisfaction that it craves.  Then, when you exhale, cold, creamy milk saturates every single taste bud, leaving you feeling positively content.

Springtime Vape Juice Flavor #4:GameChanger

When spring is upon us, we can finally indulge in one of our favorite treats once again: ice cream.  And, what better way to enjoy that first taste of cold, creamy ice cream than by combining it with the fruits that ripen during this celebrated time of year?  As soon as you inhale GameChanger, you’ll get the deliciously smooth taste of freshly cut watermelon that soothes and relaxes you.  Then, a bright pop of strawberry flavor emerges, making you think of the fruits that ripen during the springtime.  When you exhale, rich and velvety vanilla ice cream leaves your tongue absolutely soaked.

Springtime Vape Juice Flavor #3:Homerun

When spring arrives, we know that it’s carnival season.  As much as we love going to the carnival each year, it’s hard to justify indulging in a massive pillow of cotton candy considering how all that sugar affects our teeth.  Fortunately, there’s Homerun, a glorious cotton candy flavor that can be vaped without any of the guilt.  As soon as you take that inhale, you’ll get a blast of sour and tangy strawberries and blueberries thanks to the delectable flavored syrup.  Then, the tartness subsides, and the intoxicating taste of caramelized sugar takes over.  On the exhale, you’ll feel like a cotton candy cloud is melting into your tongue.

Springtime Vape Juice Flavor #2:Checkmate

If you want to indulge in a cold and creamy snack on those particularly warm spring days, look no further than Checkmate.  This e-liquid combines zesty, bright orange sherbet with marvelously rich and smooth vanilla ice cream.  This duo of flavors is guaranteed to satisfy your springtime cravings as soon as that vapor first brushes across the tongue.  The inhale gives you that invigorating citrus taste that lifts your mood.  The sweetness starts to tease you as a rush of vanilla eases your dessert cravings.  On the exhale, the ice cream drenches your palate with creamy goodness.

Springtime Vape Juice Flavor #1:Berry Cheesecake

Easily the most decadent way to indulge in the juicy berries that ripen during this time of year.  With its luxuriously creamy and rich taste, you might have a hard time putting Berry Cheesecake down.  But that’s okay because it can be vaped all day long without giving your body all of those calories!  When you inhale, you’ll indulge in the tart and tangy taste of juicy, freshly picked berries.  Then, the cheesecake flavor adds intense richness and creaminess.  On the exhale, the sweet graham cracker rust ties everything together.

Get Your Springtime Cravings Taken Care of at Swagg Sauce

Thanks to these five seasonal e-liquids, you can vape your way through the spring season with magnificent flavors. So, get outside and enjoy the wonderful vaping weather today.

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