Top 3 E-Liquids To Vape This Memorial Day From Swagg Sauce Top 3 E-Liquids To Vape This Memorial Day From Swagg Sauce

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May 18, 2018 1 Comment

Top 3 E-Liquids To Vape This Memorial Day From Swagg Sauce

There's no better way to celebrate Memorial Day than to grab some refreshing vape juices that consist of summer-inspired flavors. At Swagg Sauce, all of your holiday-related needs are covered. These three vape juices will get you into the spirit of Memorial Day with fresh, tasty flavors that make you think of happy summer memories.

Memorial Day Vape Juice Flavor #3: Berry Kool

A rejuvenating fruit blend that will soothe you while you sit under the hot Memorial Day sun. Juicy peaches, plump strawberries and crisp apples are bathed in menthol to refresh you as soon as you take a pull. You'll taste the luscious flavors of summer as you vape the day away. Every inhale instantly quenches your thirst with the tangy notes from the peaches and strawberries. The flavor makes you feel like summer is on its way. Then, the flavor becomes sweeter. With every exhale, that cold menthol breeze helps you beat the heat. 

Memorial Day Vape Juice Flavor #2: Carried Away

A tropical flavor that's perfect for those who wish that they could spend their holiday weekend on an exotic beach far away from home. A dazzling pina colada is blended with a handful of the ripest, plumpest strawberries on the planet. Each hit relaxes your mind and satisfies your taste buds like crazy. The inhale tantalizes your taste buds with the luxurious taste of a Pina Colada. First, the mouth-watering tang of ripe pineapple appears on the palate. Then, you'll taste the refreshing strawberry juice. A river of coconut milk flows across the tongue as the overall taste becomes sweeter. The exhale leaves you feeling replenished in every way. 

Memorial Day Vape Juice Flavor #1: Evil Peach

Few fruity flavors make us feel like summer is right around the corner like juicy, ripe peaches. This one takes slices of fresh peaches and drizzles them with sticky honey. This vape juice is the perfect treat for Memorial Day thanks to its refreshing taste. Each inhale makes your mouth pucker thanks to the sharp tang of the fresh peaches. As the tang slowly fades, the natural sweetness of this beloved fruit emerges. As you exhale, the sugary honey cloaks your sweet tooth. 

Grab These Memorial Day Flavors Today!

These e-liquids from Swagg Sauce are perfect for Memorial Day thanks to their summery flavors.

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May 27, 2018

Now that orange cream sickle.now that taste like summer.takes me back to when I was a kid.😋

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