Top 3 Cereal E-Juices From Swagg Sauce

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Top 3 Cereal E-Juices From Swagg Sauce

February 18, 2018

Even though our palates tend to become more refined with age, we never stop craving those sweet, crunchy cereal flavors from when we were kids. These flavors make us feel nostalgic for the good old days while making the sweet tooth jump for joy. If you're a cereal lover, these vape juices from Swagg Sauce will provide you with hours of sweet satisfaction.

Cereal Vape Flavor #3: Killa Crunch

Killa Crunch vape juice is a sweet and savory flavor extravaganza that combines plump berries with savory corn cereal. The splash of cold milk at the end completes this wonderful vaping experience. This flavor will dazzle your sweet tooth while comforting your soul with that classic taste. On the inhale, Killa Crunch e-juice smacks the palate with fresh berry flavor. Blackberries, raspberries and strawberries take turns introducing themselves to the palate. Quickly, the savory and satisfying taste of puffed corn cereal provides balance. As you exhale, creamy milk makes you feel like you're reliving the best days of childhood.

Cereal Vape Flavor #2: Milk and Loops

If your favorite cereal was fruity, sugary loops, Milk and Loops vape juice is a must-have. Swagg Sauce has managed to perfectly recreate that taste that we've all adored since we were little. Those fruity flavors will tease your tongue as the intense sweetness makes your sweet tooth go wild. The addition of milk adds authenticity to this glorious juice. On the inhale, Milk and Loops e-juice intrigues the palate with fruity flavors like lemon, orange, cherry and lime. Quickly, the flavors become extremely sugary. As your favorite memories of weekend mornings dance around in your mind, a blast of rich milk floods your palate. When you exhale, these flavors balance each other out, giving you the sensation of eating a spoonful of that iconic breakfast treat.

Cereal Vape Flavor #1: Cereal Ninja

If you're a connoisseur of cereal-flavored vape juices, Cereal Ninja vape juice belongs in your collection. This special flavor is a combination of Killa Crunch and Milk and Loops. With every puff, you'll be in cereal heaven. When you inhale Cereal Ninja e-juice, the savory taste of corn cereal makes your mouth water. Then, a punch of fresh berry flavor invigorates your taste buds. Slowly, the taste of fruit loop cereal drifts across the tongue. When you exhale, a river of creamy milk captivates your palate. 

Grab These Cereal Vape Flavors Today!

If you can't get enough of sweet, fruity cereal, these e-liquids will rock your world. Swagg Sauce has blessed us with the wonderful tastes of childhood by bringing us flawless replicas of our very favorite cereals.

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