Top 3 2018 Fall E-Juices from Swagg Sauce Top 3 2018 Fall E-Juices from Swagg Sauce

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September 21, 2018

If you're a fan of the crisp weather and festive activities that come with the fall season, you'll love these seasonal e-juice flavors from Swagg Sauce. Each flavor below captures the essence of autumn with mouth-watering flavors like earthy pumpkin and crisp apple. If you're a fall fanatic, we suggest that you grab all three. 

Fall E-Juice #3: Mean Muffin

A comforting treat that tastes just like a moist, fluffy vanilla muffin that's infused with cooked apples and warm cinnamon. Each puff provides your palate with a variety of fall flavors. The warmth of the cinnamon, the buttery, sweet taste of the muffin and the pop of fruity apple flavors will have your mouth watering. Each inhale dazzles you with that crisp, sweet apple taste. Quickly, a ribbon of cinnamon travels across the tongue, providing a hint of spice. When you exhale, you'll enjoy that sweet and buttery taste of a freshly baked vanilla muffin. 

Fall E-Juice #2: California Dreaming

This one is a decadent take on an autumn classic, SoCal style. A freshly baked apple pie is smothered in rich vanilla ice cream and gooey, sweet caramel. Every puff is like indulging in something sinful without taking in any of the calories. The apple aroma permeates the air around you, getting you into the fall spirit like nothing else can. The inhale hits you with the glorious taste of slow-cooked apples that have been dusted with cinnamon and brown sugar. Then, that buttery, savory pie crust flavor balances out the sweetness of the apples. As you exhale, a blend of vanilla ice cream and caramel makes your sweet tooth scream. 

Fall E-Juice #1: Pumpkin Head

Nothing makes us think of fall like pumpkin pie. Elevates a homemade pumpkin pie by topping it with the fluffiest, silkiest whipped cream on the planet. With every puff, you'll remember your favorite holiday memories. As you inhale, the earthy pumpkin and warm spices swirl around your palate. Then, the buttery, flaky crust adds a savory element. When you exhale, that luxurious whipped cream melts on the tongue. 

Grab These Fall Flavors Today!

These autumn-inspired e-liquids from Swagg Sauce will allow you to celebrate the fall weather in style.

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