Time to Vaping Party with the MI-POD RAVE COLLECTION

WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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April 06, 2019

Do you wanna express your unique personal style while you vape?  Smoking Vapor’s Mi-Pod Rave Collection is the perfect pod system kit for anyone who considers themselves the ultimate raver or clubber.  With its truly one-of-a-kind visual design, its convenient portability and its exceptional symphony of technological features, this is one pod system that doesn’t disappoint.  Plus, most importantly, it was specially created to satisfy your salt nic vaping needs.

All About the Mi-Pod Rave Collection

The Mi-Pod Rave Collection combines serious style with technological efficiency.  Visually speaking, this kit is really unique in every way.  The 3D exterior is holographic, making it a true attention grabber in every way.  Don’t be surprised if your club buddies ask to take a hit off of your vaping kit. 

Besides its unique visual appeal, this device features some extremely innovative design features.  The curved edges serve to keep your palm comfortable while you grip the device for those extra long vaping sessions.  The box-like shape prevents your hand from cramping up while you grip your mod.  And, the slim, lightweight design makes it extremely portable, allowing you to carry your vaping setup in your pocket throughout the day.

A robust 950mAh battery is built into the mod, guaranteeing an incredible stream of pure vaping power.  You won’t have to charge this device nearly as often as you do other pod mods because of that high capacity.  Built into the kit is an impressive suite of safety features like overheating protection, short circuit protection and ten-second cut-off.  This mod features a convenient stealth mode for on-the-go vaping.  And, it’s extremely user-friendly as it has no buttons.  The hits are conveniently draw-activated instead.

In addition to the pod mod, you’ll receive two refillable pod cartridges.  But, keep in mind that this device is also compatible with pre-filled juice pods. 

As for each pod cartridge, you’ll enjoy a capacity of two milliliters.  Anti-leak technology ensures a mess-free vaping experience that doesn’t cause any wasted e-liquid.  A 1.0ohm coil allows for a smooth and flavorful MTL vape.  Top airflow keeps those puffs feeling as luscious as can be. 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Mi-Pod Rave Collection

Step #1: Take the Mi-Pod Rave out of its packaging along with the two pod cartridges.  Locate your charger and charge the mod.  Make sure that it reaches a full charge by checking the LED light on the chassis.  When the battery is done charging, the light will turn green.

Step #2: While your pod mod is charging, it’s time to fill your pod cartridges with e-liquid unless you plan on using pre-filled juice pods.  To fill each pod cartridge, locate the plug on the fill port.  Unplug the fill port and pour the juice into the cartridge.  Then, prime each coil.

Step #3: Once your unit is done charging, remove it from the charger.  Then, attach one of your freshly filled pod cartridges or your pre-filled juice pod to your mod.  

Final Step: Now you can begin vaping!  This device is draw-activated, so all that you need to do is suck on the mouthpiece in order to get a mouthful of delicious vapor.  Enjoy vaping until the LED light on your device turns red.  That means that it’s time to recharge your mod.

Get Your Rave on While You Vape!

The stunning Mi-Pod Rave Collection from Smoking Vapor offers up some exceptional pod systems that will have you moving to the vaping beat.  Besides the fact that it looks great, each pod mod really has everything that you could need to enjoy some fully satisfying vape sessions.

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