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WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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November 02, 2019

Vapers who have a serious sweet tooth know that Candy King is one of the leading confection-inspired brands in the industry today.  Their dedication to making flawless recreations of our favorite sweets from the good old days has earned them a stellar reputation among the vaping community.  What’s unique about them is that they manage to nail every single flavor that they set out to replicate, resulting in a large collection that makes us feel like we’ve just walked into the most majestic candy shop in the world.

Candy King has decided to expand their catalog to offer their delicious e-liquids in salt nic form, hence the Candy King Salt Nic line.  Needless to say, these vape juices are just as mouthwatering and lip-smacking as the originals, only they are capable of satisfying more cravings than one thanks to the addition of high-quality, pure, potent and smooth salt-based nicotine.  This means that every time you take a hit of vapor from a Candy King Salt Nic e-liquid, you’ll find that your sweet tooth sings your praises while your nicotine-related desires are more than quenched.

When it comes to quality, few candy companies have Candy King Salt Nic beat.  So many vape juice brands that aim to recreate our favorite sweets fall short due to the reliance on artificial-tasting sweeteners and synthetic-tasting fruit extracts.  Candy King Salt Nic refuses to cut corners to satisfy our palates, which is why every single ingredient that goes into their recipes is of a super high quality, and tastes exactly like the real thing.

At Swagg Sauce, we know that a lot of our customers have a very particular and relentless sweet tooth.  That’s why we’re happy to offer the many exquisite flavors that Candy King Salt Nic has introduced to the market.  Whether your palate yearns for sour strips of chewy goodness, gummies that explode with fruity juice or sugary hard candies that make your taste buds drool like never before, Candy King Salt Nic has an e-liquid that’s going to rock your world.  So, what are you waiting for?  

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