The Top 5 2019 Fall Swagg Sauce Salt Nerd Vape Juices

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September 27, 2019

In just a couple of days, the fall season will officially begin, meaning that we will really have to say goodbye to the summer at last.  While many of us feel that the end of summer is bittersweet, we know that fall has some special goodies to offer us, like football, comfy sweaters and warm apple pies.

At Swagg Sauce, we’ve got some goodies for your fall season as well.  We have five tempting seasonal Salt Nerd e-liquids that belong to our wildly popular Salt Nerd line. If you want to embrace the crisp weather and falling leaves as much as we do, we recommend grabbing all five of the flavors listed below.

2019 Fall Flavor #5: Fruit Cereal

Once the weather cools down, it’s in our nature to start craving the more comforting flavors that make us feel nostalgic.  And, there’s really no flavor that warms the heart more than a big bowl of fruity cereal that’s soaking in creamy milk.  Fruit Cereal is an e-liquid so spot on that we know you’ll never want to take it out of rotation.

When you pull in that nice cloud, the variety of fruit flavors teases you and thrills your palate.  Then, you’ll get that sugary cereal taste that brings back wonderful memories.  On the exhale, that velvety milk washes over your tongue.

2019 Fall Flavor #4: Paradise

If you’re still not ready to let go of your summertime dreams, we have an e-liquid that will make you feel like you’ve extended the summer season by a few weeks.  Paradise is, as the name implies, a fusion of exquisite fruity flavors that will have you seeing summer sunsets in your mind.

Each inhale gives you a dazzling blast of creamy, sweet and smooth cantaloupe flavor that’s followed by the ridiculously refreshing taste of crisp, juicy honeydew chunks.  Once you get your melon fix, your taste buds will be treated to tangy white grapes on the exhale.

2019 Fall Flavor #3: Eve’s Fruit

The end of summer is all about savoring those last late-summer fruits that have ripened at last.  If fruity e-liquids are your jam, Eve’s Fruit is the way to go.  This vape juice is a trifecta of juicy gems that remind us of that transitional period between the two seasons.

On the inhale, tangy strawberries enthrall your taste buds with brightness and juiciness.  Then, a rush of spectacular pear juice runs over the tongue, quenching your thirst like crazy.  On the exhale, crisp and sweet red apples seal the deal.

2019 Fall Flavor #2: Cowboy

Fall is about rich, warming flavors that stick to our ribs.  That’s why Cowboy is such a stellar choice as the weather cools down.  This vape juice is a mouthwatering mashup between our favorite decadent dessert and the finest tobacco you’ve ever tasted.

Each time you take a pull, that nutty, smoky and robust tobacco satisfies you right away.  Then, when it’s time to exhale, outrageously rich and creamy butterscotch custard smothers every single taste bud.

2019 Fall Flavor #1: Apple

When we think of the fall season, we think of our favorite activities that we’ve been doing for decades.  Most of us go apple picking once the fall weather comes around, which is why Apple is the ultimate e-liquid flavor for the autumn season.

When you take that inhale, the tartness of green apples wakes up your palate.  Then, the crisp notes of red apples invigorate you.  When you exhale, nothing but sweetness remains.

These Five Seasonal E-Liquids from Swagg Sauce Will Get You into the Fall Spirit in No Time!

If you’re a salt nicotine lover who is ready to welcome the autumn season with open arms, you’ve come to the right place.  These five fall-inspired treats from Swagg Sauce will certainly help you get into the spirit of the season.  Grab all five to make the most of the cooler months ahead.

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