WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

May 06, 2018

Swagg Sauce's Vape Juice of the Month is Strawberry Candy, a sticky and sweet hard candy that's bursting with the mouth-watering taste of fresh, juicy strawberries. Every puff makes the sweet tooth squeal with delight as succulent strawberry flavor melts on the tongue.

Strawberry Candy vape juice by Swagg Sauce is a lip-smacking strawberry hard candy that always hits the spot. You'll taste the tang of ripe strawberries before the sugary candy finish takes over.

On the inhale, Strawberry Candy vape juice delivers the clean and satisfying taste of juicy strawberries. Notes of tang, sweetness and mild tartness wash over the taste buds. Each exhale dazzles you with the intensely sweet taste of sugary hard candy.

If you could suck on juicy, sweet strawberry hard candy all day long, Swagg Sauce's Strawberry Candy vape juice is going to provide you with profound satisfaction.

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