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WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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August 08, 2017

Those vape enthusiasts who crave sweet and fruity candy concoctions are in for a treat. Swagg Sauce's Gum Baller vape juice delivers an unapologetic dose of sugary candy goodness in the form of a fruity bubblegum flavor. This exquisite e-liquid combines tart green apples with juicy peaches to satisfy your sweet tooth on impact. If you long for the days when you could chew on shamelessly sugary bubblegum for hours at a time, Swagg Sauce's Gum Baller vape juice is a must-have.

Gum Baller Vape Juice by Swagg Sauce

Gum Baller vape juice by Swagg Sauce will make your mouth water as soon as you take your first hit thanks to a luxurious blend of juicy fruits and sweet bubblegum flavor. The aroma alone will excite your sweet tooth. Gum Baller is exactly what you need in your life if you're nostalgic for sugary, fruity candies from childhood.

As soon as you inhale Gum Baller vape juice, a powerful hit of tart green apple flavor will smack your taste buds and make your tongue tingle with pleasure. Slowly, the bubblegum flavor that tastes just like happy childhood memories will emerge. On the exhale, juicy and luscious peach flavor will quench your thirst and satisfy your candy cravings.

Gum Baller vape juice by Swagg Sauce is available in four different sizes and comes in five different nicotine levels. The 100 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) base allows you to exhale enormous and fluffy vape clouds while enjoying an unbelievably smooth flavor.

About Swagg Sauce

Swagg Sauce is a brand that vape enthusiasts trust. Each of their premium vape juices is made with only the very best ingredients that money can buy, ensuring the best vaping experience possible. Their ingredients are of a food grade quality and their e-liquids are manufactured in a clean and professional facility. 

Swagg Sauce vape juices are carefully handcrafted to ensure the very best flavor imaginable. That's why vape enthusiasts are blown away when they take their first puff of a Swagg Sauce premium vape juice.


Ready for the juiciest, fruitiest bubblegum flavor that you've ever tasted? Get yourself a bottle of Gum Baller vape juice from Swagg Sauce and you won't be sorry.

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