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WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



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July 20, 2017

During these hot summer months, what do we crave more than a cold glass of fruity lemonade? Just one sip of this summertime beverage cools us down and soothes our palate within seconds. Thanks to Swagg Sauce, we can enjoy the refreshing taste of fruity lemonade each time we vape. Fruit Lemonade vape juice is an astonishing blend of fruity flavors stirred into tart and sugary lemonade.

Swagg Sauce can't stop delivering exquisite flavor blends that dazzle the taste buds with luscious, authentic flavor. Fruit Lemonade is the brand's stunning take on a refreshing glass of lemonade that's blended with succulent fruits. The result is a tantalizing flavor extravaganza for the palate that will leave you feeling intensely refreshed after the very first inhale.

As you inhale Swagg Sauce's Fruit Lemonade vape juice, that tart and sweet lemonade flavor that you crave will hit your taste buds on impact, making your mouth water while quenching your thirst. Slowly, honeydew melon and guava flavors will creep up, adding intensity to the flavor. On the exhale, juicy peaches, tangy pineapple and luscious strawberries will complete this flavor experience.

Swagg Sauce's Fruit Lemonade vape juice boasts a 100 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) base that is perfect for producing the thickest, fluffiest clouds possible. The juice comes in five different nicotine strengths and is available in four different sizes. This product uses only food grade ingredients that are superior in quality. Each vape juice is carefully handcrafted in a clean facility.

Swagg Sauce's Fruit Lemonade vape juice is just what your taste buds crave during these warm months. Refresh your palate instantly by vaping this gorgeous fruity blend. With its deeply satisfying combination of flavors, this is one vape juice that can be vaped all day long.

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