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May 06, 2017

If your sweet tooth is always craving something rich and decadent, Swagg Sauce has got you covered with Butter Cracker, a fearlessly sweet take on classic cheesecake flavors. With Butter Cracker, it's all about the intensely rich and creamy tastes. Combining custards, cheesecake, and brown butter sugar, your taste buds will be satisfied immediately.

Swagg Sauce's Butter Cracker Vape Juice

Butter Cracker from Swagg Sauce is a combination of the most luxuriously rich dessert flavors available. The slightly nutty richness from the brown butter sugar melts seamlessly into creamy and decadent custard and cheesecake flavors, satisfying your most sinful dessert cravings within seconds.

When you inhale Butter Cracker, the brown butter sugar flavor will take over your taste buds instantly with its nutty richness. As you exhale, you'll enjoy the refreshing and slightly tangy flavors of creamy cheesecake and sweet custard.

Swagg Sauce's Butter Cracker is for those who don't shy away from bold dessert flavors. One inhale of Butter Cracker will make you think that you have just taken a bite of the most decadent slice of cheesecake in the world.

Swagg Sauce Vape Juice

All vape juice products from Swagg Sauce have a VG base, allowing for thick and huge vape clouds as well as a deliciously smooth flavor. Every ingredient used in Swagg Sauce vape juice products is of a superior quality to ensure the best vaping experience possible.

Swagg Sauce vape juice flavors are handcrafted meticulously to ensure maximum vaping satisfaction. Each flavor is tested multiple times until it's just right. Swagg Sauce creates each vape juice concoction in a completely safe and clean environment using high standards of manufacturing.

If decadently rich dessert flavors are your thing, Butter Cracker is sure to deliver. This bold vape juice flavor offers creaminess, nuttiness and sweetness for maximum sweet tooth satisfaction.

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