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August 13, 2016

Super juggernaut  (26GA*32GA+24GA)0.1*0.9 0.3ohm

Prebuilt Super Juggernaut Coils


Each Coil consists of 2 inner wires (Clapton 0.4+0.2mm + Ø 0.50mm) which was wrapped with a flat wire (0.9x0.1mm)

quantity: 10 piece

resistance: 0.3 Ohm

inner wire: Clapton (0.4+0.2mm) (26awg + 32awg) + Ø 0.50mm (24awg) KAN A1

outer wire: 0.9x0.1mmKAN A1

max continuous operating temperature: 1400°C ..... 2550°F

alloying elements: Cr 22%, Al 5.8%, Fe remains

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