Solace Salts Vapor E-Liquid 15mL- 50mg/ml

WARNING:This product non tobacco derived nicotine.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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November 24, 2017

Solace Salts Vapor E-Liquid 15mL- 50mg/ml

If you've finally gotten around to picking up a mouth-to-lung device and are looking for the best salt-based flavors out there, Swagg Sauce has a line of e-liquids just for you. The Solace Salts Vapor E-Liquids allow you to vape intense flavors while getting high levels of nicotine. Because the nicotine is salt-based, you won't experience any harshness as you puff away. This special product is the result of a collaboration between several respected e-liquid manufacturers.


When you inhale Butterscotch, rich butterscotch flavor delivers satisfyingly savory notes to the tongue. On the exhale, the flavor becomes sweet, intoxicating the sweet tooth like nothing else.

Creamy Tobacco

If you haven't experienced the glorious blend of nutty tobacco and rich custard, you're seriously missing out. When you inhale Creamy Tobacco, rich tobacco flavor hits the throat where it counts. With each exhale, smooth and creamy custard makes you feel drunk with pleasure.


Dragonthol take menthol-soaked fruit flavors to the next level. When you inhale, a blast of zesty dragon fruit flavor floods the tongue. With each exhale, shockingly cool menthol flavor is like a refreshing breeze for your palate.

Strawberry Hard Candy

If candy flavors make you salivate like nothing else, you'll love Strawberry Hard Candy. On the inhale, exquisitely juicy strawberry flavor delivers lip-smacking pleasure to the tongue. With each exhale, sugary candy flavor dazzles the sweet tooth.

Peppermint Patty

Remember those chocolate-coated peppermint treats? Now, you can vape this flavor all day long without the guilt. When you inhale Peppermint Patty, rich chocolate flavor coats the sweet tooth. When you exhale, icy mint flavor refreshes you all over.

Naked Peach Rings

Naked Vape Juice Peach Rings perfectly captures the taste of those sweet and tangy gummy candies that are infused with juicy peach flavor. When you inhale, a blast of peachy splendor washes over the palate with notes of tang. On the exhale, the flavor becomes wonderfully sweet.


For traditional tobacco lovers, there's Jefe, a satisfying tobacco flavor that's both smooth and sweet. On the inhale, robust tobacco satisfies you like the real thing. On the exhale, the flavor delivers hints of sweetness.

Vanilla Bean

With every puff of Vanilla Bean, your taste buds will be treated to warm, rich vanilla bean flavor that's as authentic-tasting as it gets.

Enjoy in a Totally New Way

Thanks to Swagg Sauce, you can enjoy your favorite vape juice flavors in a totally new way. The Solace Salts Vapor E-Liquids combine high nicotine levels with intensely yummy tastes for your vaping pleasure.

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